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Sharp Aquos Crystal launches on Boost Mobile today, October 17th for Sprint

Sprint has just announced release details for the Sharp Aquos Crystal, a smartphone made in conjunction with Sharp and Sprint’s new Japanese owners Softbank. The device will first launch on Boost Mobile beginning today, October 10th, with Sprint getting it a week later.

The Bezeled Truth: are edge-to-edge screens practical for real-world use? [POLL]

The appeal of a device with no bezels is clear. As displays get bigger and bigger so do devices. If you could eliminate all the area around the display it would be much easier to hold. The Aquos Crystal is one of the closest devices we’ve seen to the bezel-less dream, despite having a big “chin” bezel. I’m still not sold on the idea.

Hands-on: Sharp Aquos Crystal for Sprint [VIDEO]

Sharp is really onto something with the AQUOS Crystal. We got a hands-on with the device during Sprint’s event in New York. Check it out.

Sharp Aquos Crystal officially announced for Sprint; $239 off-contract

Yesterday we learned of the Sharp Aquos Crystal, the latest smartphone by the Japanese company. It’s an edge-to-edge smartphone with a border so thin it almost doesn’t look real. But it is real, and it’s headed to Sprint here in the United States.

Sharp’s new Aquos Crystal smartphone is likely Sprint’s announcement tomorrow

It’s been quite a while since we’ve heard noise from Sharp in the mobile arena, but if their latest press release is any indication they could be the manufacturer behind Sprint’s latest smartphone.