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Samsung Vibrant Reviews

"Sleek and fast, the Samsung Vibrant is one of T-Mobile's top smartphones for entertainment, but its feature set takes a toll on the battery life."
"Now that the Samsung Vibrant is here and available to the masses, it easily washes away the bad after taste left in the wake of the Behold II last fall. T-Mobile customers won't want to miss out on this handset as it's easily by far the best Android offering available to them this summer."
"The Samsung Vibrant is no iPhone 4, but it was placed on the planet to offer T-Mobile users a viable alternative to the Apple lifestyle. The phone's brilliant AMOLED screen made movies enjoyable on a 4-inch screen. The navigational experience was quick and intuitive. The amount of preloaded content and downloadable applications and programs was bountiful. For the average T-Mobile user, the Samsung Vibrant is one of the best options currently to date."
Android Central
"In a word, yes. The Samsung Vibrant easily the best phone on T-Mobile at this point. Don't worry that it sort of looks like the iPhone. Don't worry that it "only" has Android 2.1 on it at the moment. (That will change.) Don't worry about Touchwiz. It's pretty useable. Samsung has brought a top-shelf phone to T-Mobile, and to Android. It pretty much puts the myTouch 3G line out to pasture."
"It says a lot when a device is mistaken for an iPhone these days. That much will draw some attention to the Vibrant -- more than its Galaxy S siblings will. And once people have it in hand, T-Mobile's very speedy 3G network is sure to keep those fans beaming about the Vibrant for the foreseeable future."
"The Samsung Vibrant is the best phone T-Mobile currently sells. If you want a hard keyboard, consider myTouch 3G Slide instead. Otherwise, Vibrant is the way to go on T-Mo."
PC World
"The Samsung Vibrant boasts a gorgeous Super AMOLED display and a bevy of multimedia features, but some users might be disappointed by the absence of a flash on its camera."
"The Vibrant is an enjoyable and easy-to-use smartphone, that should please most users with its responsiveness, great screen technology and speedy processor. The camera is good, but not quite great when compared with the ever-advancing technology now available on other smartphones."
"We applaud Samsung and T-Mobile's first carrier-offered Android superphone (T-Mobile USA never directly offered the Nexus One). It's very fast and slim and the display is fantastic. We like Samsung's customizations of Android, and we like T-Mobile's bundled applications and media. We'd like to see improved reception and a more stable cell radio, but the phone does a decent job with calls and data as it is. Though we prefer AT&T's added metal and fresh lines, the Vibrant is an attractive phone. If you're a T-Mobile customer looking for a high end smartphone with a good camera and lots of apps, the Vibrant is a great choice."
"I would definitely recommend this phone to someone looking for a great phone, with good features and a nice interface. The hardcore Android fans will probably still prefer the Nexus One, but the Samsung Vibrant should definitely hold its own pretty well."