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Samsung Transform (Sprint) review
Samsung Transform (Sprint) review At CTIA Fall 2010, Jessica Dolcourt takes a look at the Samsung Transform, which includes Sprint's new ID theme pack.
Samsung Transform Hands On and Sprint ID Walkthrough
We unbox and go hands-on with the Samsung Transform coming to Sprint
Samsung Transform (Sprint) Unboxing and Hands On!
The unboxing on the just announced Samsung Transform! One of the three Sprint ID phones! Just announced at CTIA 2010 Fall! My unboxing and first hands on with the phone!
Samsung Transform, first hands-on! [HD]
Worried that the Samsung Transform would be a slatephone? Don't be -- it's more of a miniature Epic 4G. The Android 2.1 device's got a 3.5-inch capacitive touchscreen, 800MHz processor and a slide-out QWERTY keyboard, plus front- and rear-facing cameras for video chat -- though they're pretty low resolution and there's no 4G to pump their streaming video data. We just got hands-on with the phone, and came away mildly impressed -- though it's a little sluggish compared to the Epic, it's got much the same build quality, and the exact same hinge and buzzy vibrator if you want to get specific. There aren't a lot of fancy functions on the keyboard, but it's arguably got an even better layout that caters to landscape touch-typists like us -- the keys are plasticy little numbers like those on the Samsung Intercept, but they've got a nice click and this time, a logical arrangement. The screen's bright and clear enough, but unless our eyes deceive us it's no AMOLED. Expect it to drop on October 10th for $150 after a $100 mail-in rebate, and be sure to watch a Sprint rep show off the phone's Sprint ID functions after the break.
Yahoo's Sprint ID Package Demoed on the Samsung Transform
Watch as we're taken through Yahoo's Sprint ID package on the Samsung Transform, announced today by Sprint.
First Impressions of Samsung Transform for Sprint with Sprint ID
First Impressions of Samsung Transform for Sprint with Sprint ID. 3.5 inch display, Full slide-out QWERTY keyboard, 3.2MP camera with VGA front-facing camera, 800MHZ Processor, Pre-loaded with Android 2.1.