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Samsung Moment Getting DJ07 Update OTA

Sprint’s announced that the Samsung Moment will be receiving a firmware upgrade over the air. It’s nothing more than a maintenance release and with the build name DJ07 and a new software version of S:M900.8.IS.DI06. It’s said that it will fix 911 call restrictions after a modem crash (related to airplane mode and data lockup) […]

Nexus One, Samsung Moment Join Others in Maintenance Week

It’s Friday, but that doesn’t mean we’ll be seeing any shortage of maintenance upgrades. To close out the week, the Samsung Moment and the Nexus One have both received maintenance upgrades after a host of other phones from all sorts of manufacturers got their fair share of patching. Specifically for the Nexus One, no details […]

Just to Clarify: Samsung Moment and HTC Hero Will Not Receive Android 2.2

We touched on this briefly in our previous post covering Sprint’s tentative plans to bring Android 2.2 to their network on at least the HTC EVO 4G (and other Android 2.1 phones launching this year), but for those that missed it, official word through Sprint’s Twitter says the Samsung Moment and HTC Hero are not […]

Sprint’s Samsung Moment 2.1 Update Is Now Officially Live

The wait is finally over. If you haven’t already jumped the gun and grabbed it up last night before Sprint yanked it down, then you can bet that you’ll have all the chances in the world here: Sprint’s officially distributed the Android 2.1 update to every Samsung Moment owner on their official support site. You […]

Is This the Samsung Moment Update We’ve All Been Waiting For? Why Yes It Is

Over at SDX-Developers, some interesting things are developing. It appears if you navigate over to Sprint’s Samsung Moment software update page that the long awaited Android 2.1 update may now be available. No official announcement has come from Sprint, but the file that can now be downloaded, while still listed as an older update, seems […]

Sprint “Hoped” You’d Get Your 2.1 Update by Now, But You’ll Have to Wait Longer

Earlier in the week word came through a Best Buy internal document that the update to Android 2.1 for at least the HTC Hero would begin today. There was no word on the Samsung Moment, but the hope was that would be coming in just as quickly. The key word here is “hope,” which according […]

Sprint HTC Hero Getting 2.1 Update May 7th? Best Buy Seems To Think So

I know you’re all getting tired of the OTA (or OTW) shenanigans lately, but it’s only right we report on any plausible evidence of an update headed your way. This time, a Best Buy internal document (I used to work for Best Buy and it looks pretty legit) shows that an update will be available […]

Swing And A Miss: Sprint’s Rumored 2.1 Rollout Comes And Goes

Two weeks ago, we reported on an image that suggested Sprint would begin its Android 2.1 rollout for both of its current Android phones in early May. Over the weekend, it appeared that Sprint might actually have lived up to the rumor, but there seems to have been some confusion regarding its immediate availability. The […]

HTC Hero, Samsung Moment 2.1 Update Now Coming Early May

Oh boy. Yesterday Quentyn posted a story stating the HTC Hero update to 2.1 would be available at the end of April for European Hero owners. Now an internal posting by Sprint acknowledging “customers are eager for Android 2.1″ says that the “much anticipated” update will be available in early May for HTC Hero and […]

2.1 For Samsung Moment Gets a Leak

Along with a slew of other Android handsets, the Samsung Moment  has yet to see an upgrade to Android 2.1. That is until now, if you are one of the brave few who will take advantage of one of TWO leaked builds from SDX -Developers. With a little bit of work, you can soon be running […]

Sprint HTC Hero, Samsung Moment Getting 2.1 In April?

While Verizon Wireless Droid owners still dream of the 2.1 they were promised, Sprint customers are getting a promise of their own – “coming weeks” and “April” are some of the open-ended frames used. This is in regards to the HTC Hero and Samsung Moment and the information was leaked in an internal document discussing […]

Sprint Hero & Moment Getting Android 2.1 “Early 2Q10″

We just told you that the Droid Eris and HTC Hero were getting the Android 2.1 update and now we’re getting confirmation, additions and a timeline from Sprint. The carrier will be upgrading both their Sprint HTC Hero and Samsung Moment to Android 2.1 and this will be happening in early second quarter – likely […]

Samsung Moment DTV On Sprint Given Quick Demo

Pretty soon Sprint will be testing Digital TV on the Samsung Moment in Washington DC and Baltimore. Samsung has taken their Moment Android Phone and equipped it with the chips, antenna and specs necessary to receive Digital Television anywhere in the nation. Because its in Beta the channel selection was extremely limited (2 channels) but […]

Samsung Moment First Mobile Phone To Demonstrate Mobile TV Chip

The Samsung Moment was used yesterday to demonstrate a new mobile TV chip that allows the phone to pick up local broadcast stations, “including prime-time network programs, local news and sports and emergency alerts.” An excerpt from the press release: Moment was selected because of its 3.2-inch AMOLED display screen, which delivers crisp colors, bright […]

Sprint Hero & Moment To Get Android 2.1

Usually when a mobile carrier/manufacturer needs to “clarify” something in terms of dates or updates its about delaying, pushing back, or doing something else you don’t want them to do. For once, Sprint and HTC have made us very happy by doing what we DIDN’T expect them to do: they scratched the Sprint HTC Hero […]