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Android 2.2 Froyo Rolling Out Today for Samsung Intercept on Virgin Mobile

If you own the Samsung Intercept and it just so happens to be with Virgin Mobile, today is your lucky day! Reports have been coming in that some lucky users are being prompted for an over the air update that will bump the Intercept to Android 2.2 Froyo. Upon completing the update, you will notice […]

Samsung Intercept to Receive Froyo Update Monday

Virgin Mobile fans using the Samsung Intercept won’t be without Froyo for much longer. Reports have come in saying several Intercept-owning subscribers have received a text message from Virgin letting them know that a software upgrade will be pulled down to their phones starting this upcoming Monday. There’s Froyo and all the awesome stuff that […]

Virgin’s Samsung Intercept Getting Android 2.2 on March 25th

Virgin Mobile here in the United States has tweeted that they’ll be issuing the upgrade to Android 2.2 to their users starting March 25th. I assume it’ll be a staggered process, so don’t be surprised if you make it into April without the update. It’s also interesting how they’ve managed to throw up a solid […]

Android 2.2 Coming to Samsung Intercept for Virgin Mobile this Spring

According to a recent tweet, Virgin Mobile USA will be updating their Samsung Intercept to Android 2.2 “sometime this spring.” The Intercept is relatively new to to VM’s lineup, arriving only back in October of 2010. If they stick to their word it could set a new record for getting Android 2.2 to a Samsung […]

Intercept Issues: What Are They? Also, Possibly Fixed by Samsung

It’s well known that the FroYo update has caused issues for almost half of its users. Phandroid just got an anonymous tip detailing the all of the issues that users have been experiencing. That’s quite a hefty list of issues ranging from “not a big deal” to “oh, crap”. Thankfully there is light at the […]

FroYo for Intercept Griefing Consumers

The boys over at Talk Android got some information that may pertain to a lot of you; yes, I’ve been browsing over the grumblings regarding this in the announcement post. But the short and long of it is that Sprint knows the update is causing some serious bloody headaches, and the official word seems to […]

Samsung Intercept Receives Android 2.2

The Samsung Intercept has begun to receive its update to Android 2.2 (Froyo), just as reported. After installation, the Intercept will reside at software version S:M910.05.S.DL05 with all the bells and whistles Froyo affords to users. More than just an entire OS upgrade, the update brings along fixes for Sprint Navigation, dropped call issues, and […]

Samsung Intercept Froyo Update Coming Tomorrow?

Samsung Intercept users might be in for a treat tomorrow: Android Central has learned that the upgrade to Android 2.2 may be pushed to you at that time. Bug fixes include fixing force closes on messages, fixes for dropped call issues, and a fix to help you actually use (Apparently, it didn’t work before. […]

Samsung Intercept on Virgin Mobile (US) Now Available

Virgin was quiet on the pricing and availability of their Samsung Intercept – which isn’t a Galaxy S phone, mind you – when they announced it, but today it’s enjoying a quiet release for the no-contract carrier. You can grab the device up for $249.99 exclusively at Target today, and at key retailers (Best Buy, […]

Samsung Intercept Headed to Virgin Mobile

The Samsung Intercept originally found its home with regional carrier US Cellular, but Virgin Mobile’s looking to get in on the action as well as they’ve just announced the Intercept to be their first Android handset. It’ll come with Android 2.1 on board being powered by an 800MHz processor, a 3.2-inch touchscreen, a 3.2-megapixel camera, […]

Sprint Announces Samsung Intercept Coming July 11th at $99

Sprint has just made the Samsung Intercept official for their network, even though the handset has purportedly already gotten into the hands of at least one new Android owner. The new phone will be available July 11th for the price of $99.99 after a mail-in rebate. Not a bad deal at all for a phone […]

Samsung Intercept Sold Early At Best Buy for $100, New Details Revealed [Video]

One lucky Sprint customer was able to walk into a Best Buy a couple of days ago and pick up a Samsung Intercept for $100. The device isn’t supposed to be released until July 11th, but we won’t linger on the details of how this came to be. Instead, we’ll take a good look at […]

This is the Samsung Intercept Headed to Sprint

The lesser-known Samsung Intercept has just had its beauty shots leaked. The device is heading to Sprint and will essentially be regarded as the step-up from the Samsung Moment. It features Android 2.1, a 3.2-inch touchscreen, Bluetooth 2.1, a 4-row slideout QWERTY keyboard, and Samsung’s TouchWiz 3.0 interface. It looks like it could also be […]

Samsung Intercept (Moment II) and Motorola i1 Going to Sprint July 11th

According to an internal launch calendar grabbed by BGR, Sprint’s planning a pair of device launches on July 11th. The first device – the Motorola i1 – was expected to ship to Sprint stores on June 20th, but it’s actually only being directly shipped to customers who order the phone online (or by phone, if […]