• Samsung Gem
    Last Updated: Nov 16th,2010

    The Samsung Gem is an entry level phone for Alltel wireless and US Cellular. The Gem is a lower-end Android handset introduced to help budget customers find an affordable smartphone with the Android OS.

    The Gem comes with a 3.2-inch display, 3.2MP camera, 800MHz processor and running Android.  While the Samsung Gem isn't going to wow you away, it will give you an Android powered phone without breaking the bank. Unfortunately, it's only available on a limited selection of carriers as Verizon has elected to cancel their version.

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    Best Buy Now Offering Verizon’s Samsung Gem

    Remember this little fella? If you don’t, its name is the Samsung Gem. We’ve seen it leaked in countless pictures before several regional carriers decided to carry it themselves, but the original carrier we learned of to be offering it – Verizon – hadn’t elected to say a word about it. They still haven’t, in […]

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    Alltel Wants You to Know That They Have Four Decent Android Phones

    Alltel’s just issued a press release reminding everyone that their Android line-up isn’t too shabby. Highlights include the HTC Merge and the Motorola Milestone, but there are some other gems alongside those which include the Samsung Gem (yes, I tried to do that – shame on me) and the LG Axis. You should already know […]

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    Verizon Samsung Gem Already Arriving In Stores

    When I say the Verizon Samsung Gem is “already” arriving in stores I do so sort-of tongue in cheek: while Verizon hasn’t exactly made it official, the phone was rumored for Verizon a long time ago, ┬áis already available in other regions and it isn’t exactly sporting technological breakthroughs. That being said, 3rd party retailers […]

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    Samsung Gem Announced for April 1st Release at US Cellular

    US Cellular has just announced the availability of the Samsung Gem for their network. It will be available in stores and online beginning tomorrow, April 1st. The Android 2.2 phone isn’t much to get excited about in light of the many options available on networks across the nation, but if you are on US Cellular […]

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    Samsung Nexus S Announced for South Korea, Gem Shows Up at Verizon

    Two quick Samsung release notes: The Samsung Nexus S has been officially announced for South Korea, the native market of the handset manufacturer. The Google-branded smartphone will be available through KT and SK Telecom at a price of 800,000 won (~$712). It will feature the same specs as the version of the phone being released […]

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    Alltel Launches Samsung Gem with Android 2.1

    Alltel is starting to build up quite the little Android lineup. Nothing too fancy, but more devices dropping all the time. This time it’s the Samsung Gem, an Android 2.1 smartphone featuring a 3.2MP camera and trusty LCD screen.It’s not quite a Galaxy S device, but you can’t really complain when looking at the price […]

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    Samsung Gem Rears Its Head on Official Site, Sans Verizon Branding

    Been a while since we heard about this little fellow, hasn’t it? The Samsung Gem – which Best Buy was getting ready to sell for Verizon – never came to form. Rumor had it that it’d been canned, but no official statement or announcement was ever made. We forgot about the little guy, really. But […]

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    Samsung Gem Not Coming Soon After All

    We thought the Samsung Gem might be launched alongside the Samsung Fascinate – which just got a recent launch date of September 8th and 9th for online and in-store customers, respectively – but it looks like we’ve been bamboozled. We were led to believe we’d be seeing the phone fairly soon as it was listed […]

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    Samsung Gem Shows Up in Best Buy Buyer’s Guide

    A shot from that trusty old Buyer’s Guide of Best Buy’s has leaked out again, and this time it further confirms the Samsung Gem headed straight for Verizon. There are still no details to confirm outside of a 3.2-megapixel camera, support for up to 16GB of external storage via microSD card, GPS, WiFi, TouchWiz 3.0 […]

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    Samsung Gem For Verizon Will Sit Alongside Big Brother Fascinate

    Even some of Verizon’s lesser-known, entry level phones get the “leak” treatment as today we’re learning they’ll be bringing the Samsung Gem – an Android 2.1-powered handset with TouchWiz 3.0 – to their subscribers. This phone is definitely no Samsung Fascinate – Verizon’s own Galaxy S smartphone set to come out sometime this summer (rumored […]