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Samsung Galaxy Reviews

"The Galaxy is a respectable effort from Samsung. It is by no means the finished article and is far from comparable to the likes of the Motorola DEXT with MOTOBLUR or the HTC Hero with HTC Sense. Both the Hero and DEXT offer fully customisable operating systems that have truly stretched Android’s legs. Think of the Galaxy as more of an alternative to the G1."
"Samsung has brought some crave-worthy hardware features to its first Android handset, the Galaxy i7500, like a gorgeous screen, good camera and plenty of on-board memory. But it runs on the bog-standard version of Android, which means it lacks multi-touch and fun custom widgets like we've seen on other phones. It also looks slightly dull. Overall, the Galaxy fails to reach the heady heights of the HTC Hero, but it's a strong competitor to the HTC Magic"
"Our final verdict is that Samsung has not done its best with the Galaxy I7500. However, it still packs a good workmanship, beautiful AMOLED display and decent 5-megapixel camera. These will definitely attract followers, but some people will be dissuaded from getting the phone due to the unhandy alignment of the navigational buttons and the mediocre in-call quality."
(3.5 out of 5) "The problem for the Galaxy is others have already shown us what's possible with Android, with Archos, HTC and Motorola already skinning Android to the nines to create a plethora of new functionality. We know we're only at the very start of the Android journey, but we can't help feeling Samsung should have done better with its first effort."