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Conan O’Brien brings his comedic genius to #BendGate with hilarious new skit [VIDEO]

With all the doom and gloom surrounding the iPhone 6+’s bend issues, it’s sometimes important to step back and make light of the situation. No one knows how to make light out of any situation quite like Conan can. The late night star put together his own skit by introducing a new “competitor” to the […]

What’s the next phone worth waiting for? [POLL]

It’s an exciting time in the smartphone world. Mobile World Congress kicks off at the end of the month. Samsung is holding an Unpacked event mid March. It looks like the new HTC One (M7) is set to launch March 22nd. Google I/O is coming in May. Heck, even rumors of the next iPhone have […]

Samsung Galaxy Gets Official Android 1.6 Update Unofficially

The Samsung Galaxy might never get a 2.x update, but being stuck at 1.5 was just plain cruel. Galaxy owners wondering what solar system they would be confined to are about to get a ticket out of the 1.5 Black Hole. The folks on AndroidForums have found the appropriate files to flash and install Android […]

Samsung Galaxy Brought Down To Earth, Stuck With Android 1.5?

Alright Samsung Galaxy owners, be prepared to find the closest corner and begin weeping uncontrollably. Although the likes of the Samsung Moment, Sprint HTC Hero, Droid Eris and HTC Hero are all getting confirmed updates to Android 2.1, rumor has it that not only will the Samsung Galaxy NOT get a 2.1 upgrade… but they’ll […]

Bell Gets First Android – Samsung Galaxy!

Oh Canada! Your country has given us many good things: bacon, politeness, cheaper prices for those who cross the border, and John Candy. So it’s only adequate that we give you the Android in return. We told you last week that the Samsung Galaxy would go on sale December 10th on Canada’s Bell and it […]

Galaxy i7500 Hitting Jingle Bell?

According to, Canadian mobile carrier Bell is scheduled to release the Samsung Galaxy i7500 on December 10th. This will be Bell’s first Android device so that in of itself is a bit of a big deal! Samsung Specs and information: Chipset Qualcomm: 7200A, ARM11 528MHz + DSP 256MHz Camera: 5MP AF + Power LED […]

Bell Getting Samsung Galaxy

Canadians with service on Bell have yet to be offered an Android device – disappointing indeed. That will soon change. The company is now hanging up posters in their retail locations reading “Innovation: beyyond your imagination” that feature none other than the Samsung Galaxy (alongside the Omnia2 and Impact). The text below the phone in […]

Samsung Galaxy Promo: Multi-Tasking Extraordinaire

A new “day in the life” video promo has been spotted for the Samsung Galaxy and its rather original. I definitely like the low-tech approach to highlight a high-tech device and its kind of just “fun” in general: The tipster who sent this in (Thanks Nico!) explained it (or translated it) best: New viral video […]

Samsung Galaxy Finds Freedom On

Free at last, free at last… the Samsung Galaxy is finally available to the masses as it has popped up for sale unlocked on And based on the bands it should work on both T-Mobile and AT&T, with only TMO enjoying the theoretical possibility of 3G connectivity. It will cost you $590 if you […]

2+ Samsung Androids Headed To India This Year

Where are all my Indian Phandroids in the house? I’m sure you all are chomping at the bot waiting for Android Phones to start lighting up your country but you won’t have to wait long thanks to Samsung. The company recently announced their partnership with Tata Docomoto to launch the Samsung Galaxy later this year […]

Samsung Galaxy Officially Hits O2 UK

Maybe mobile carriers should just start linking to Phandroid instead of posting their own press releases. On August 27th we told you O2 UK customers were already upgrading to the Galaxy, on the 30th we told you it had gone live on the O2 UK site, and now on September 3rd the company has finally […]

O2 UK Now Carrying Samsung Galaxy

The confusion is over. Last week existing O2 customers in the UK found that – provided they get in touch with the right service representative in the upgrades department – they were able to secure their very own Samsung Galaxy i7500. It was hit or miss depending on who you spoke with, but now it’s […]

Middle East Gets First Android: Samsung Galaxy

We don’t talk much about the Middle East mobile market and while we (in the States) complain about only having the G1 and MyTouch with many more Androids to come, the poor folks in the Middle East are Andriodless. WERE Androidless I should say – the Samsung Galaxy is now available in stores across the […]

O2 UK Now Offering Galaxy On Upgrades

This is a little bit confusing so bear with me. Yesterday we saw some reports that the Samsung Galaxy was delayed on O2. The Galaxy had never been given a firm release date and the future of the phone looked bleak since the cause for the delay was failed device testing and glitches. From Mobile […]

First Month In Europe, Samsung Sells 100,000 Galaxies

We’ve been wondering about the Samsung Galaxy… with most of its availability in regions with foreign tongues, English reporting on the device has been minimal. Luckily the guys at AndroidPub dropped me a tip to keep me updated – Korean website reports (translated to English) that Samsung sold 100,000 Samsung Galaxies in its first […]