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Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9 Reviews

"The Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9 is everything we loved about the Tab 10.1 in a slightly smaller form, with a slightly smaller price."
"This powerful slate exists because, apparently, the Galaxy Tab 10.1 is too big and the Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus is too small."
Tech Crunch
"In many cases the dreaded Android lag is gone and 8.9 screen size is, like the Baby Bear’s porridge, just right."
Slash Gear
"As this tablet is thin, so is it speedy, and as there are now more than four different models of tablet running Android from Samsung on the market today, surely they’ve gotten the formula correct enough to warrant such an array by now – wouldn’t you say?"
Pocket Lint
Pocket-lint is drawing a line in the sand: everything 9-inches and up is a tablet, everything smaller is a tablette – and here’s one of the finest, the 8.9-inch Samsung Galaxy Tab, er, 8.9.
"I am a big fan of the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 as the best alternative to the iPad 2, and I am even happier with the Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9, as it offers similar hardware and performance in a more compact body, which is great for people who are on-the-go and want to travel light."
"The Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9 is the latest member of the brand's tablet family, but is it truly capable of taking on the Apple iPad 2?"
Gotta Be Mobile
"Just like the 10.1 inch version released earlier this year, it combines a thin profile and light weight with good performance and a beautiful screen."
Android Central
"This is the Galaxy Tab we have all been waiting for. If you can stomach the price, and don't mind limited storage space, you cannot find a more refined, powerful, and beautiful Android tablet on the market today."
Android Authority
"With all honesty this tablet is amazing it does very well with anything you throw at it from multitasking to smooth graphics this tablet will do it all."
"Samsung’s Galaxy Tab 8.9 made its retail debut in September and it is nearly identical to its larger predecessor, the Galaxy Tab 10.1."
"The New Best Android Tablet, Again."
Tech Radar
"The Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9 is one of the best tablets yet released."
Android Authority
"4G speeds are very impressive but the currently limited 4G coverage, a high price tag and some other niggling issues mean you should probably give the Galaxy Tab 8.9 4G a miss. For now."
"The Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9 is better than its larger sibling, delivering the same Android tablet performance in a more compact package with a lower price."
Laptop Mag
"Samsung's Galaxy Tab 8.9 packs all the features of its 10-inch Android tablet in a more compact design, but it's almost as expensive."
Phone Arena
"However, things don’t end there as they’re able to fill in the gap between the two models with the Samsung GALAXY Tab 8.9."