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Dutch court rules Galaxy Tab does not infringe on iPad design

A ruling out of a district court in The Hague has cleared Samsung’s Galaxy Tab line of any infringement on Apple’s iPad design. The Dutch court had to mull the rounded corners of the Galaxy Tab 10.1, Galaxy Tab 8.9, and Galaxy Tab 7.7, referencing previous rulings in British courts before deciding in Samsung’s favor. […]

3G-enabled Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9 (P7300) gets Ice Cream Sandwich

Folks in various parts of the world are set to receive Ice Cream Sandwich on the Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9 today as the OEM has started pushing the Android upgrade to the 3G version. To be specific, those with device model GT-P7300 are reportedly receiving notifications to download and install the big upgrade. We’ve seen […]

Apple wants to add six more significant Samsung devices to patent trial

Much can be said about Apple in these ongoing patent wars between itself and the likes of Samsung and HTC, but one thing that’s 100% undeniable is that the bitten fruit company has been ruthless. Apple is going after anything and everything it can from any company that poses to a considerable threat to its […]

Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9 WiFi now getting Ice Cream Sandwich

While the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 has already gotten its Ice Cream Sandwich update, owners of the Tab 8.9 were still waiting for theirs. The wait appears to be over, however, as we’re receiving reports that it’s now being pushed out to users over-the-air. It’s a 313MB update, and it comes with an improved Touchwiz […]

Samsung to begin official Ice Cream Sandwich update push for Galaxy Tab 10.1, 8.9, 7.7, and 7.0 Plus next month

Samsung is just weeks away from unleashing Android 4.0 for their stable of tablets, with the update planned to go live sometime next month. SamMobile¬†is reporting that the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1, Galaxy Tab 8.9, Galaxy Tab 7.7, and Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus are all on the docket to receive the update in July, with […]

TELUS updates list of devices soon to get Android 4.0 – Galaxy Note, Tab 8.9 and Tab 10.1 included

As we struggle, beg and pray for learning just a bit of information about our updates, TELUS is setting the example for all the carriers out there. This company regularly releases updates on such information, and the latest report comes with a flurry of Android device getting their Ice Cream Sandwich update. The list goes […]

Samsung pushing Android 4.0 update to Galaxy phones in Canada

Samsung Canada has announced that the update to Ice Cream Sandwich will being today for “select devices” with rollouts continuing through the end of the quarter. The specific smartphones and tablets to receive Android 4.0 weren’t named, but candidates include the Galaxy S II, Galaxy Note, and Galaxy Tab. In a statement Samsung said, “The […]

Next Wave of Galaxy S II ICS Upgrades Going Out March 19th, UK Users to Get in on the Fun

While many users in European countries have been able to pull down the exciting upgrade to Ice Cream Sandwich for their Samsung Galaxy S II. Unfortunately, Samsung temporarily suspended the rollout. It’s likely not due to any issues, but due to them wanting to test the waters before rolling it out to everyone. They’ve confirmed […]

Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9 Overclocked to 1.4GHz

Hungry for extreme device tweaking on your Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9? The development community has worked quick to bring great new features and tweaks to the tablet and one of these tweaks is an overclock. It was achieved by _motley at XDA where he provides full instructions. You can step up to 1.2GHz and 1.4GHz, […]

AT&T’s Nov. 20th Blowout – LTE-Enabled Galaxy Tab 8.9; Samsung Captivate Glide & Doubletime; 6 New LTE Markets (15 in All)

AT&T’s just dropped a bombshell of goods for their Android fans and those who are waiting for their 4G LTE network. Let’s start off with the smaller stuff. On November 20th, we’ll be getting both the Samsung Captivate Glide, a QWERTY enabled Samsung phone (though we’re not sure if they’re classifying it as a Galaxy […]

Samsung Italy Confirms Ice Cream Sandwich for Note, S II and Tab in 2012

It’s been on many of our reader’s minds and it looks like Samsung Italy is confirming which of their devices will see an Android 4.0 update in 2012. Here’s the full list as it stands: Galaxy SII Galaxy Note Galaxy Tab 10.1 Galaxy Tab 8.9 Galaxy Tab 7.7 Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus Looks like Samsung […]

Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9 Coming October 2nd, Galaxy Players October 16th

Samsung’s officially announced availability for their smaller Galaxy Tab 8.9 and their Samsung Galaxy Player devices clocking in at 4 inches and 5 inches. The Galaxy Tab 8.9 will be here October 2nd and comes in two flavors. The 16GB version can be yours for $470 while the 32GB will be available $570. Both come […]

Best Buy Mistakenly Replaces User’s Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 with an 8.9

Someone going to Best Buy to get his faulty Galaxy Tab 10.1 exchanged got a bit more (or less, depending on how you feel about it) than what he bargained for. Instead of giving him the same model he had previously, a Best Buy employee accidentally gave him a Tab 8.9 instead. That means they’re […]

Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9 Priced for the US

The Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9 will supposedly go on sale in the US this week, but we haven’t heard any official details from the ladies and gents at Best Buy. We don’t have an exact date just yet but we do at least have a price for the two WiFi-only models they’re . You’ll be […]

Samsung to Introduce LTE Editions of Galaxy S II, Tab 8.9 at IFA

Hoping to get a sneak peak of what Samsung’s bringing to Germany the evening before IFA? For starters, according to Samsung Hub, it looks like we’re in store for LTE versions of two of their existing devices. The Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9, which no one has at the moment, and the Samsung Galaxy S II, […]