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Samsung Galaxy S5

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Samsung Galaxy S5 News

Samsung Galaxy S5 sales already said to be in the “millions” range

Samsung will have plenty to celebrate this week after another successful launch of a flagship. According to ZDNet Korea, the company has already surpassed 1 million in sales, and the train doesn’t appear to be slowing down.

Samsung Galaxy S5 Google Play edition: so, ummmm… where is it?

Missing: the Samsung Galaxy S5 Google Play edition. That fact that it didn’t launch along with the global release of the S5 is puzzling to us. Samsung, just what are you up to?

Samsung Galaxy S5 Developer Edition is coming to Verizon soon

While Verizon will never be interested in making it brain-dead easy for you to take one of their phones and unlock its bootlaoder, they are willing to sell you one off-contract and let you run wild with it. The Galaxy S5 developer edition will be coming around to Verizon sometime soon.

Leaked HTC sales documents try to convince salespersons that the One M8 is better than the Galaxy S5

Holyfield and Tyson. Ali and Frazier. Hopefully Pacquiao and Mayweather if the two stop dancing around the issue. And now, HTC One M8 vs the Samsung Galaxy S5. HTC has thrown the first punch in trying to achieve a sales victory over Samsung’s latest contender.

Samsung Galaxy S5 now available around the world; are you buying one? [POLL]

It’s Friday, folks, and in case you had any doubts about Samsung’s ability to pull off a global simultaneous launch of a flagship smartphone, you can erase all of them. The Samsung Galaxy S5 has launched to eager consumers in more than 125 countries today.

Galaxy S5 too pricey? Get some extra cash with the Amazon trade-in program

The Samsung Galaxy S5 finally goes on sale tomorrow (4/11) for most carriers here in the U.S. It’s available for around $200 at most places. If you don’t have enough cash to pick up the latest and greatest from Sammy there is a way to make some quick dough.

Samsung Galaxy S5 teardown shows device’s mechanical organs ahead of launch

Why are techies so obsessed with teardowns? Because they’re damned cool, that’s why. You may think you’ve seen them all if you’ve seen just one, Is that true in the case of the Samsung Galaxy S5?

Samsung says Galaxy S5 showcases “meaningful innovation” in latest ad; do you agree? [POLL]

The latest Samsung Galaxy S5 ad has hit YouTube, with the South Korean company touting “meaningful innovation” in their latest flagship. Do you agree?

Don’t try this at home: Samsung Galaxy S5 hammer test ends in the most hilarious way possible [VIDEO]

Someone learned a hard lesson in battery safety. Watch as this guy pounds the Samsung Galaxy S5 with a mallet, only for the dying phone to have the last laugh.

Samsung Galaxy S5: What they’re talking about

It’s Galaxy S5 week, and, naturally, the phone is the toast of the town. Are you eagerly awaiting the arrival of your preorder? On the fence about purchasing the latest Samsung flagship? We’re sorting through the hype to see what has everyone talking.

Watch the Samsung Galaxy S5 get put through the rinse cycle [VIDEO]

Nothing quite like watching a cheap plastic smartphone get put through the rinse cycle, and come out… well, you’re just going to have to watch the video for yourself.

Reminder: Samsung Galaxy S5 launching this Friday, here’s where you can pre-order it

Reminder: the Samsung Galaxy S5 is launching this Friday across all major US carriers. Here’s all 5 carriers you can pre-order it from right now (as well as their deals and incentives).

Samsung Galaxy S5 wireless charging battery covers now available for pre-order, loads of other accessories too

A plethora of Galaxy S5 accessories are now available for pre-order on Samsung’s site. Everything from wireless charging battery covers, to spare batteries and Flip Covers — they’re all here. Full list with links in the post.

From the Forums: Get fit with Android, Amazon Fire TV, and Galaxy S5 talk

If you are anything like us, your passion for Android and tech extends beyond the comments. Not sure where to start? We’re highlighting some of the best posts from this week to get you started. Read on for more!

Pre-order the Verizon Samsung Galaxy S5 for $199.99, and get one free when you buy two

Heads up, Verizon heads: the company has just put their version of the Samsung Galaxy S5 up for pre-order, and it starts at just $199.99. Click through for the full slate of details.