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Samsung officially announces the Galaxy S5 LTE-A with Snapdragon 805, 2560 x 1440 display & more

Rumors that Samsung would be introducing an upgraded version of the Samsung Galaxy S5 have been running rampant for quite some time. The device seems to have been officially unveiled.

Metal-clad Samsung Galaxy F spotted again in the wild

Today another photo of the Galaxy F in the wild has surfaced, once again showing what appears to be a metal back. The rumors suggest that this back is indeed aluminum, but it could also be yet another faux texture from Sammy.

Is this the Samsung Galaxy S5 Prime?

We’ve talked about the Samsung Galaxy S5 Prime to no end lately, but throughout all that talk we haven’t actually seen anything. That might have changed this morning, though, with newly leaked photos reportedly giving us a glimpse at the premium device.

Samsung Galaxy S5 Prime and Google Play edition get Bluetooth certified

The Galaxy S5 Prime and Google Play edition have just received their Bluetooth certification. Looks like these devices are primed for a release in the very near future (see what we did there?).

Samsung Galaxy S5 Prime pops up in Hong Kong pricing database, rumored specs corroborated

Need more evidence that Samsung is looking to bring out a more powerful version of their 2014 flagship Samsung Galaxy S5? The device — which we’ve been calling the Samsung Galaxy S5 Prime to this point — has popped in a Hong Kong pricing database.

[Update] Samsung Galaxy S5 “Prime” reportedly due this June, evidence found on Samsung site

We could be closer to the launch of Samsung’s rumored “premium” Galaxy S5 sooner than we thought. According to sources of AsiaToday’s, the Samsung Galaxy S5 Prime should be headed our way this June.

Samsung KQ prototype rumored to be the Galaxy S5 we all wanted with QHD display, Exynos 5430

Samsung could be looking to rectify the shortcomings of the Galaxy S5 with a new device rumored to be on the way. SamMobile has caught wind of a user agent profile detailing a phone codenamed the Samsung “KQ.”

Alleged Samsung Galaxy S5 Prime (SM-G906S) appears in India

The alleged higher-end Samsung Galaxy S5 “Prime” has appeared in an Indian shipping manifest. Do rumors of a super premium Galaxy S5 have more legs to stand on?