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Samsung Galaxy S2 Reviews

"If you don't already know all about the Samsung Galaxy S II, where have you been the past two months?"
"The S2 offers an exciting batch of features, from a super repsonsive 4.3-inch touchscreen to a generous 8-megapixel camera."
Pocket Lint
"The Samsung Galaxy S II is a serious smartphone. It has everything, at least on paper."
Tech Radar
"Dual-core power, beautiful screen - the Galaxy S II is the kind of sequel we like."
Slash Gear
"Samsung has a lot riding on the Galaxy S II. When your displays, chips and memory are found in the flagship devices of OEMs around the world, you have to expect consumers will demand more from the hardware that bears your brand."
"A new iPhone still hasn’t been officially announced, and while my iPhone 4 still mostly satisfies my needs, I have to confess: For the past two weeks, I haven’t been exactly faithful."