• Samsung Galaxy S III


    The Samsung Galaxy S3 is the company's flagship device of 2012. As one of the most anticipated devices of the year, this device is the first to come with a Exynos 4 Quad processor. It also has Android 4.0, a 4.8-inch 720p Super AMOLED display, 1 GB of RAM, and it is only 8.6 mm thick. 

    Samsung also went the extra mile by giving the device many features that will make your life easier. Picture taking, calling and sharing is smarter than ever with the Galaxy S3. This device is truly a beast. 

  • News & Updates

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    Samsung announces sale of over 10 million Galaxy S III handsets

    Yep, the Samsung Galaxy S III was always going to register huge sales, but exactly how large were they? The Korean company announced to reporters that over 10 million handsets had been bought, and that they were expecting to have shipped 20 million by the fall. [BriefMobile]

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    Red Samsung Galaxy S III coming to AT&T

    Want to get the Samsung Galaxy S III, but want more color options? If yes, then you might be interested in this red offering that’s up for pre-order at AT&T. Or you could just pick up a case, which I’d suggest because honestly, this looks pretty ugly to me. And I’m someone who loves red. […]

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    Warning to our Indian readers: be wary of Flipkart while buying devices

    For those who haven’t heard of the company, Flipkart is the “Indian Amazon” of sorts. The two co-founders were, in fact, emplyed by Amazon.com prior to coming together to start the company. Flipkart has been lauded over the past year or two for their practices which managed to get Indian customers to finally spend more […]

    Latest Verizon MAP list shows Incredible 4G LTE for $149, Galaxy S III makes an appearance

    The latest version of Verizon’s minimum advertised price sheet (MAP) sheds a bit of light on the carrier’s pricing strategy for the upcoming HTC Incredible 4G LTE. The Increidble 4G LTE is listed at $149.99, a reasonable cost given the phone’s place in Verizon’s lineup. As noted by DroidLIfe, we might see the phone launch […]

    This is why the Pebble Blue Samsung Galaxy S III is delayed

    Ladies and Gentlemen, the reason the Samsung Galaxy S III in Pebble Blue has been delayed two to three weeks. We had heard Samsung somehow botched the paint job, but now we have visual confirmation of the problem. A European mobile blog received an early version of the device and and pictures clearly show a […]

    Samsung Galaxy S III appears in US Cellular’s computer system

    It’s pretty much a no brainer that the Samsung Galaxy S III will launch on the four major US carriers, but with regional carriers we can’t be so sure. With an entry in their internal computer system, US Cellular can be added to the list of networks expected to receive the new Samsung flagship handset. […]

    Sprint’s Galaxy S III rounds out major carrier tour of the Bluetooth SIG

    First we saw T-Mobile and AT&T’s variants, then Verizon’s. Now Sprint’s Samsung Galaxy S III is putting a cap on the Bluetooth SIG’s look at the four major US carrier editions of the upcoming smartphone. The phone is listed with model number SPH-L710, one character off from the SPH-D710 designation of the Sprint Galaxy S […]

    Samsung blocks access to S Voice on non-Galaxy S III devices after APK is pulled from official firmware

    Over the weekend the Samsung Galaxy S III’s official firmware was ripped from the device and made available to all, bringing along goodies such as an installable APK for the handset’s S Voice features. S Voice is Samsung’s take on voice interactions in the style of the iPhone’s Siri, so many users were excited to […]

    Samsung wants to set a 2GB RAM standard, begins mass-producing 4-gigabit LPDDR2 chips

    The version of the Galaxy S III headed to Japan’s NTT DoCoMo is just the beginning when it comes to smartphone’s chock full of RAM. That is Samsung’s hope, anyway. The company started making low-power 2GB memory modules for mobile devices last year and is now kicking the chips into mass production. The outlook is […]

    Samsung Galaxy S III up for pre-order at T-Mobile UK

    T-Mobile UK has announced pre-order plans and pricing for the highly-anticipated Samsung Galaxy S III. The phone will be available at several price points ranging from £300 up front to completely free when paired with a £41 per month plan with unlimited calls, messaging, and data. Striking a balance is TMo UK’s “Full Monty” plan, […]