• Samsung Galaxy S

    The Samsung Galaxy S was announced in March of 2010 was a high-end feature packed phone during its day. This was the start of Samsung's global takeover and although this particular phone saw many iterations and variants here in the state and overseas, it's still simply known as the Galaxy S.

    The Samsung Galaxy S has always been known for it's 1GHz Hummingbird processor. The GPU on this thing alone made it more than capable of handling almost any 3D game thrown at it. Other specs include a 5MP camera capable of recording some of the highest quality 720p HD video ever seen on a device and a 1.3MP front facing camera. It also came with a 4-inch 480x800 SAMOLED but strangely absent was any kind of LED flash. Also thrown in were 2 internal memory sizes, both an 8 GB and 16 GB version and at just 9.9mm thick, it was one of the thinnest Android phones available.

    Samsung also pre-installed the phone with Swype - an incredibly fast typing method, & an office viewer for viewing and editing all your important documents, spreadsheets and the like. With the sleek design, eye-catching specs and international distribution, the Samsung Galaxy S was a global hit.

  • News & Updates

    From the G1 to the DROID MAXX — here’s my Android history (and we want to hear yours!)

    As a big fan of Google’s, what it was time to transition to the new wave of smartphones, I didn’t want an iPhone or Blackberry — I wanted Android. It was at that point that I’d decided I was going to grab the T-Mobile G1 the first day that I could. This is my Android history.

    Samsung’s Galaxy S line surpasses 100 million devices sold

    As Samsung’s total number of Galaxy S3 handsets sold passes the 40 million mark, another milestone has been reached. Since the introduction of the original Galaxy S back in spring of 2010, a total of 100 million devices falling under the brand have been sold. Each iteration of the Galaxy S has been hotter than […]

    Samsung Galaxy S, Galaxy S3 get CyanogenMod 10.1 nightlies

    More devices are in line to receive CyanogenMod 10.1 — aka the Android 4.2 build — as the team has started to push nightlies for some newly confirmed ones. Today’s lucky devices are the Samsung Galaxy S (yes, the original) and the Samsung Galaxy S3. It’s quite remarkable that the original Samsung Galaxy S is […]

    Coverlight aims to add LED flash to devices which don’t have one [VIDEO]

    It’s hard to believe that there are still phones that ship without LED flashes in this day and age, but you’d be surprised how many phones there are without this seemingly basic addition. In fact, the original phone that started the current Samsung craze — the Samsung Galaxy S — was one such device. An […]

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    Another Day In Court: Samsung Argues Galaxy Tab Predated iPad Annoucement, Bounce Back Patent Invalid, Judge Koh Grows Weary

    It’s been a long week for both Samsung and Apple in their legal spat over patents, icons and “copying.” With only 2 days left of testimonies, both sides are scrambling to present witnesses in court, and through depositions. Apple’s “Bounce Back” Patent is Invalid – Patent Office Didn’t Know About Prior Art Samsung spent a […]

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    Apple Presents Internal Samsung Email As Evidence – Shows Sammy Willfully Copied the iPhone? Not Really…

    Before I leave you guys for the night, I wanted to bring you one last piece of info from the dramatic Samsung/Apple patent trial. Critics are calling this the “nail in the coffin” for Samsung, after an internal email from a Samsung executive presented damning evidence against Samsung. According to the memo sent to employees, […]

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    CM9 Nightly Builds for Galaxy S i9000/i9000B now available

    There was an understandable hue and cry when Samsung announced that the original Galaxy S would not receive an Ice Cream Sandwich update. Manufacturers’ love for their custom UIs had won again, and all that Samsung promised to calm down the mob was a ‘value pack’. But, as we all knew, the developer community wouldn’t […]

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    Samsung Releases “Value Pack” For Galaxy S In Korea – Tastes Like Ice Cream Sandwich

    Back when Samsung broke the bad-news that the OG Samsung Galaxy S wouldn’t being seeing any taste of Ice Cream Sandwich they did mention that the device would be seeing door-prize of sorts in the form of an update they called a “Value Pack.” This update is now officially ready for Korean Galaxy S users […]

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    Moneto sets the Galaxy S up for contactless payments, coming to more Android devices soon

    Last month Moneto revealed plans to bring their NFC-enabled microSD card payment system to Android phones. Now the first compatible cards are available for purchase. There is a catch, however. While the Moneto system is technically capable of working with nearly any Android handset with a microSD card slot, the initial rollout is only compatible […]

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    Samsung Has No Plans for Galaxy S ‘Value Pack’ Update

    The Samsung Galaxy S will not receive a “Value Pack” update with added features, a spokesperson speaking to The Next Web has confirmed. The software upgrade was initially discussed as an alternative to Android 4.0, adding some of the operating system’s new features within the framework of Android 2.3. Samsung stated last month that the hardware […]