• Samsung Galaxy Note LTE
    Last Updated: Jan 9th,2012

    This is the AT&T version of the Samsung Galaxy Note. The only difference between the AT&T Galaxy Note and the international version is a different processors.

    The AT&T version uses a dual-core Snapdragon for better 4G LTE capabilities where the international version uses Samsung's dual-core Exynos but features no compatbility with LTE.

    Other than that both devices are identical and the Galaxy Note is Samsung's first device to feature a large 5.3-inch display and their all new S Pen stlyus.

  • News & Updates

    Galaxy Note with ICS
    Samsung Galaxy Note listed as ‘Coming Soon’ at T-Mobile’s site

    In case you needed any more confirmation that T-Mobile will soon launch their own version of the Samsung Galaxy Note, just take a peek at the carrier’s website. The Note is now listed as “Coming Soon.” No other details, such as pricing or release date, are provided for the launch of the long-anticipated release. Rumors […]

    nexus-prime ICECREAMSANDWICH
    TELUS updates list of devices soon to get Android 4.0 – Galaxy Note, Tab 8.9 and Tab 10.1 included

    As we struggle, beg and pray for learning just a bit of information about our updates, TELUS is setting the example for all the carriers out there. This company regularly releases updates on such information, and the latest report comes with a flurry of Android device getting their Ice Cream Sandwich update. The list goes […]

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    Samsung’s Galaxy S3 TouchWiz Ported To Galaxy Note, Galaxy S2 and… (Gasp) Galaxy Nexus

    If you currently have in your possession a Samsung Galaxy Note or Samsung Galaxy S2 that just so happens to be rooted, I would like to inform you that you can now add the all-new-and-improved TouchWiz UI from the Samsung Galaxy S3 onto those devices. The launcher reportedly runs great and is an excellent option […]

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    Samsung takes the Note to the streets – Have you seen one of these around?

    AT&T and Samsung have really gone all out with the Samsung Galaxy Note. Advertisements are everywhere, but apparently they feel like that isn’t enough, and they have taken it to the streets. Google+ user Amar Rajvanshi has recently posted a few pictures of some Samsung representatives just going around the streets showing off the device. […]

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    Official AT&T Samsung Galaxy Note Ice Cream Sandwich Build Leaked

    Leaked builds for Android devices are no strangers to sites like XDA or RootzWiki. The latter, more specifically, was able to get in their hands today, an official leaked build of Android 4.0 for the Samsung Galaxy Note. Last we heard from Samsung, the update had been delayed to Q2 of this year and would […]

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    Samsung Galaxy Note Review [UPDATE: Now With Full Video Review]

    The Samsung Galaxy Note has long been the object of controversy in the mobile world. Ever since the device was officially announced last year at IFA, we’ve basically seen two camps form when it came to the Note — those that say it’s too big, and those that say it’s just right. And while we […]

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    Get the Galaxy Note now for $299

    After making a ton of noise for weeks after weeks, the AT&T Galaxy Note is finally available. You can pick it up from either the carrier itself, or from Amazon Wireless in either Ceramic White (which I really like the look of) or Carbon Blue. The phone comes installed with Gingerbread (v 2.3.6) but there […]

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    Samsung Galaxy Note: My First Time and Impressions [Video]

    Early yesterday morning, I received the Samsung Galaxy Note on my doorstep and like a little kid on Christmas, I ripped into it. While, some sites would have reviewed the device right then and there — I feel like a more accurate review could be better given once I’ve used the phone as my primary […]

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    Hands On: Samsung Galaxy Note for AT&T [Video]

    Our CES 2012 coverage continues! This time around, Kevin and I were able to get a walkthrough of Samsung’s latest phoneblet — the Galaxy Note for AT&T. In case you needed a refresher, the Galaxy Note comes with a gargantuan 5.3-inch touchscreen display with complimentary “S Pen,” a stylus that the device can recognize as […]

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    Samsung Shows Off Galaxy Note, Galaxy Tab 7.7, and More at CES 2012 Press Conference

    I’m here at the Samsung press conference at CES where Samsung is about to give us the scoop on their tech dominance. They’ve sold 300 Million Galaxy devices, they sell a TV every 2 seconds, they’ve got the #1 Refrigerator for the 3rd straight year, and they’re about to show us “the future of consumer […]