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Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Reviews

"The Note 2 offers tons of functionality and deep levels of productivity in a sleek package. Sleek, however, does not mean small, and this will be a drawback for many."
"Samsung delivers a powerful, boundary-pushing device that gets a lot right. Yet its complicated features and high price raise questions about its purpose."
"To answer the question we posed at the beginning of this review, this thing is the real deal, and it's decisively better than the device that began the whole phablet craze."
"This is the best phone I’ve had the pleasure of reviewing so far. I wholeheartedly think this device is a step above any phone on the market."
"It isn't a phone for everyone, but those who love gadgets will take to it, and it will change their lives."
"The Samsung Galaxy Note has sold by the bucketload. And while it is most definitely a niche device, it's done wonders for Samsung's balance sheet. How do you follow that up? With something better, of course - the Samsung Galaxy Note 2."
"The Samsung Galaxy Note 2 is a phone and tablet, or 'phablet', that looks like the Samsung Galaxy S3, but is bigger really better?"
"I personally enjoy to use the Galaxy Note 2 as a phone that acts like a tablet, surely because I carry it in my purse. Consuming content of any kind on that device is very comfortable, whether reading a book, browsing desktop version websites or watching movies."
Business Insider
"If you really like Samsung's gadgets, I think your best bet is still the Galaxy S III, which is great. The GSIII has all of the benefits and features without the drawbacks and hefty price tag and size of the Note II."
Android Central
"The original Galaxy Note wasn't a mainstream device, and neither is its successor. Nevertheless, the Galaxy Note 2 is the best large-screen smartphone available by a considerably wide margin."
Android Authority
"We know that people will either love or hate this handset. But, after our first-hand exposure to its amazing hardware and software features, we certainly fell in love with a non-human being — the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 GT-N7100."
"The Galaxy Note II is the king of big-screen phones, combining quad-core power, much-improved pen capabilities and innovative new features."