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Revenant Ghost
Oct 07, 2015

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Google’s Accelerated Mobile Pages Project will help speed up the mobile web

Google today announced an important initiative that might be the biggest attempt to create a better mobile web experience than we’ve ever seen. They’re calling it the Accelerated Mobile Pages Project, and it’s a standard based on existing HTML that aims to make loading web pages over mobile near-instantaneous.

3D Touch for Android: Synaptics is building pressure sensitive displays

Synaptics, the company responsible for nearly every touch controller in a laptop touchpad (including Apple’s ForceTouch pad on the new Macbook Air) has announced a next-generation display controller with pressure sensitivity technology built-in. They’re calling it ClearForce, and it’ll be featured in the Synaptics 3700 series to start.

Sony is inviting 10,000 Xperia owners to beta test Android 6.0 Marshmallow

Sony might not be the biggest Android manufacturer out there, but we’ll be damned if they aren’t one of the best in terms of update transparency. After giving us an early look at their concept for an updated Xperia software experience, Sony is now inviting 10,000 Xperia device owners to beta test the Android 6.0 Marshmallow update.