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Samsung to introduce Android-based mirrorless camera at June 20th event

Samsung is looking to bolster its camera line with yet another entry, and this one will run Android. According to head honcho JK Shin, Samsung will look to introduce a mirrorless camera which is powered by Android.

Samsung announces WiFi-only Galaxy Camera availability and pricing, later this month for $450

Samsung’s Galaxy Camera, previously only available as a cellular-enabled device, will launch in a WiFi-only version later this month. The camera, which features a 16MP CMOS sensor, 21x optical zoom, and 4.8-inch LCD touchsreen will retail for $449.99. The device also features a 1.4GHz quad-core processor and 8GB of internal storage. It is expected to […]

WiFi-only Samsung Galaxy Camera revealed

Samsung has finally revealed its WiFi-only version of the Samsung Galaxy Camera, the Android-based point-and-shoot that wrapped a pretty big sensor into a pretty decent Android device. The device was only available in 4G form, which meant you had to get it by way of carriers like AT&T, but with today’s fresh release we should […]

Sea Battle, a Battleship clone, launches exclusively for Samsung devices

“You sank my battleship!” It was this line from Jim Carey (as The Riddler) in Batman Forever that made me fall in love with Battleship as a child. While the actual game wasn’t nearly as cool as the film made it out to seem, it still remains one of those age-old war games that can […]

Android 4.1.2 update for Samsung Galaxy Camera rolling out

Samsung looks to be issuing a software upgrade for its Samsung Galaxy Camera as folks are reporting Android 4.1.2 is showing up in parts of the United Kingdom. The upgrade doesn’t bring a ton in the way of new features, but users have noticed a new updated Gallery app. The app is said to be […]

Samsung uploads new 2-minute Galaxy Camera commercial starring James Franco

Samsung has been on fire lately, releasing a blitz of ad spots for their Galaxy line of smartphones. We’ve all seen ‘em, barristas waiting in line for the “next big thing,” and even a more recent ad featuring a husband, wife, and very naughty video. Looks like the Galaxy Camera is next up for some […]

Samsung Galaxy Camera with 4G LTE headed to Verizon Dec. 13

After the cat was let out of the bag via Samsung’s official site (among other leaks), Verizon has officially announced the Samsung Galaxy Camera will be available starting December 13th. The camera, which will take advantage of Verizon’s 4G LTE network (a first for the Samsung internet-connected point-and-shoot), will retail for $549.99. For $5 a […]

Samsung confirms Galaxy Camera headed to Verizon Wireless with 4G LTE

It was last month AT&T began offering the Samsung Galaxy Camera and while, most reviews largely great things to say about the camera, it seems the $500 price tag that scared away many consumers. Just because it wasn’t a first of it’s kind (the Nikon Coolpix S800c beat Samsung to punch by almost a full […]

Verizon to carry the Samsung Galaxy Camera according to the FCC

For a while it looked like AT&T might have been the only place to buy a Samsung Galaxy Camera. The Android-powered point-and-shoot isn’t even available in WiFi-only models via retail stores yet, but it looks like another carrier is about to join in on the fun. The FCC has seemingly approved a version of the […]

Samsung Galaxy Camera is $450 at Daily Steals

If a new point-and-shoot is on your (or someone your shopping for’s) holiday wish list, you might want to take a gander at one of Daily Steals‘ Cyber Week deals. The Samsung Galaxy Camera, which is normally priced at $499 (if you purchase through AT&T), can be yours for $50 cheaper. And shipping is free. The […]

Samsung Galaxy Camera preview, photos, and video

On a scale from 1 to Awesome, I rate the Samsung Galaxy Camera a 12. My scale is a bit bias since I’ve been craving a quality Android device with optical zoom since the G1 days, and my full review will be more objective, but allow me to bask in the glory for at least […]

Samsung Galaxy Camera now available from AT&T

It’s not a smartphone, but it runs Android 4.1 and can now be purchased from AT&T. Photographers looking for a bit more functionality in their next camera can pick up the Samsung Galaxy Camera for $499. The mobile-enabled smart camera can be paired with an optional data plan, allowing users to instantly share their latest […]

Samsung Galaxy Camera coming to AT&T November 16th

AT&T will bring the 4G-enabled Samsung Galaxy Camera to their network beginning November 16th. The Android 4.1 camera recently launched in the UK and will soon see its American release courtesy of the wireless provider. While not an actual smartphone, the Galaxy Camera’s Jelly Bean interface will allow for much of the same functionality. The […]

Samsung Galaxy Camera now available in the UK

Folks in the UK will be able to purchase the Samsung Galaxy Camera starting today because retailers like Clove and Expansys have made them available for purchase. This device isn’t a phone — bummer, I know — but Samsung has positioned it as the first mainstream point and shoot camera to run Android (Jelly Bean, […]

Samsung Galaxy Camera available November 7th in the UK

Samsung’s Android-powered Galaxy Camera will hit UK retailers this week. First unveiled at IFA in Berlin earlier this year, the Android 4.1 point-and-shoot will go on sale November 7th. Samsung will celebrate the 5PM launch of the smart camera with champagne receptions at their flagship stores. The device will also be available from Carphone Warehouse, […]