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iFixIt teardown gives us a look inside Samsung’s Galaxy Alpha

The Samsung Galaxy Alpha looks beautiful on the outside, but how’s it hold up on the inside? We finally get a look thanks to another iFixIt teardown.

Samsung Galaxy Alpha launches exclusively on AT&T September 26th

Ready for yet another AT&T exclusive? This time, the company teamed up with the biggest manufacturer in the Android phone space — Samsung — to offer the Samsung Galaxy Alpha. It’ll go on sale starting September 26th.

How will the iPhone 6 compare in size to the HTC One M8, Galaxy S5, and Galaxy Alpha? [VIDEOS]

We know the upcoming iPhone 6 is more than likely going to come equipped with a 4.7-inch display, but how does the overall size stack up against current Android flagships? You may be surprised.

Samsung announces metal-clad Galaxy Alpha as “next evolution of Galaxy Design”

Samsung has made the Galaxy Alpha official this morning, folks. No longer do we have to rely on thin rumors to figure out what exactly we’re getting. This thing is built out of metal, which is quite a big deal considering Samsung has largely used plastic materials to date.

This latest Samsung Galaxy Alpha leak helps confirm a handful of the device’s upcoming specs

Earlier today we got a good look at what is likely the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note 4. Outfitted with a sleek new aluminum frame, it’s not the first time we’ve seen a leaked Samsung device sporting the new premium build material. The Samsung Galaxy Alpha has been the center of countless leaks and today it’s […]

MobileFun accidentally spills the beans on the Samsung Galaxy Alpha’s specs

Samsung likely wanted to save the surprise on the Samsung Galaxy Alpha details for themselves, but MobileFun seems to have, well, spoiled the fun. The company accidentally published a product page for the phone.

Samsung Galaxy Alpha leak shows off chamfered aluminum edges, is the sexy design we’ve always wanted

The upcoming Samsung Galaxy Alpha could feature a modern, sexy design we’ve always wanted from a Samsung device. Because, you know, diamond-cut aluminum chamfered edges are all the rage these days.

Samsung Galaxy Alpha benchmarked, reveals additional specs, now pegged for Aug 13th unveiling [RUMOR]

The Samsung Galaxy Alpha is a device we’re sure you’ve seen a lot from these past few weeks. Once thought to be Samsung’s super premium, aluminum clad Galaxy line, the phone has since been revealed to be something much different. Aluminum? Sure, but not much of it. High-end? For a smaller device, maybe. For whatever […]

Samsung Galaxy Alpha will reportedly be unveiled this Monday, August 4th

Looks like we may have a solid announcement date for the oft rumored Samsung Galaxy Alpha. This coming Monday all could be revealed, finally laying to rest all the rumors.

Samsung Galaxy Alpha leak shows smaller 4.7-inch display, aluminum frame

Leaked images of the Samsung Galaxy Alpha show much smaller 4.7-inch form factor, aluminum frame, and allegedly does away with micro SD card slot. Could be the perfect iPhone 6 challenger.

Rumor: first device of Samsung’s new metal-built smartphone lineup to be “Galaxy Alpha”

It’s no secret by now that Samsung is exploring a shift to metal smartphone designs from their usual plastic rodeo. We’ve heard so much about other metal Samsung smartphones to this point, but another device is said to be leading the charge in Samsung’s new metal series.