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"The Epic 4G is well worth the price of admission as an upgrade for Sprint customers, and worth at least a sneak-peek for those at other carriers wondering what the new bar for Android OS models looks like."
"If you're looking for a great do-it-all phone, then the Samsung Epic 4G will most likely be the answer. However, those craving a larger 4.3-inch screen, HDMI connectivity, and a better front-facing camera will gravitate toward the HTC EVO. Keep in mind that the Epic 4G also has a superior screen. It's definitely worth holding out until the Epic 4G ships to compare the two in person because each phone is matched in its pros and cons. But there's no dancing around the bush in Sprint's backyard—the Samsung Epic 4G and HTC EVO 4G are two of the hottest phones on the market to date."
"At the end of a phone review we always ask ourselves: could we use this device day-in and day-out as our primary phone? And we are happy to report that in regards to the Epic 4G the answer is: absolutely. Combine the flexibility of Android with a rock-solid keyboard and high-end features and you have yourself a winner. We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend the Epic 4G to anyone and truly wonder which of the two 4G handsets Sprint considers its flagship. The device is priced $50 higher than the EVO 4G, but if you need to have a physical keyboard — and don’t mind the TouchWiz UI and Android 2.1 — it’s money well spent."
"The Samsung Epic 4G is second, and because of this it will eternally be compared with the HTC EVO 4G. The two are actually very complimentary devices, but the Epic 4G stands tall on its own. The Super AMOLED display is gorgeous, the hardware keyboard is a requirement for some and the 1GHz Hummingbird processor is snappy. The Epic plays well to both the professional and multimedia crowd, and will find a home in many pockets because of this. It is a versatile device that offers anything a user could want. Though the portfolio may only be two strong right now, Sprint has yet another 4G winner on their hands with the Samsung Epic 4G. Of course, it you don't enjoy the Epic 4G for one reason or another, you can safely choose the EVO 4G, which is also a remarkable device with great specs and execution."
"So is it the right phone for the job? In a word, yes -- the Epic 4G is a great device. Killer, even. Nothing speaks to us more strongly during the course of a review than finishing it and saying, "alright, I'm ready to buy this thing," and the Epic is on the short list of phones that has managed to do it. More than its Galaxy S siblings, it feels like the Epic has overcome its shortcomings -- notably the forgettable UI skin -- to shine, and it's a phone we could easily imagine using day to day. Only thing is, the EVO is also on that short list for us -- and the better camera, bigger screen, and $50 savings versus the Epic still make it our winner in this 4G shootout, though only by the thinnest of margins. Needless to say, if you need a physical keyboard and you're looking for the one of the most musclebound Android phones money can buy, we wouldn't hesitate to recommend it."
Android Central
"Compared to the other Samsung Galaxy S phones, the Sprint Epic 4G has a leg up in several departments. There's the keyboard, of course, which is pretty darn good. Not perfect, but above average. The addition of a 4G radio is a big plus. But along with that comes a slightly higher phone bill, and battery usage. (Same is true with the Evo 4G, of course.)"
"The Samsung Epic 4G is the most feature-packed device out of the Galaxy S series, and is one of the best Android handsets to date."
"Despite a somewhat sluggish mobile hotspot connection, we highly recommend this phone. And it will only get better as Samsung rolls out its Media Hub service and Sprint launches 4G in more cities. We also really like the Droid X for Verizon Wireless, which has a sharper camera and camcorder than the Epic 4G and a wider range of accessories. But if you want a phone that combines a great typing experience with an even better entertainment experience and blazing fast data, the Epic 4G is worth the extra $50 over the other Galaxy S phones and all other superphones."
"Unlike the other Galaxy S based smartphones for the U.S. that have been announced recently, the Samsung Epic 4G for Sprint features not only 4G WiMAX connectivity."
"According to Sprint, it plans to announce pricing and release date in the coming months, but you can sign up for updates via its Web site."