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From the G1 to the DROID MAXX — here’s my Android history (and we want to hear yours!)

As a big fan of Google’s, what it was time to transition to the new wave of smartphones, I didn’t want an iPhone or Blackberry — I wanted Android. It was at that point that I’d decided I was going to grab the T-Mobile G1 the first day that I could. This is my Android history.

CyanogenMod 10.1 nightlies come to Samsung Epic 4G

Owners of the original Samsung EPIC 4G — Sprint’s keyboard-enabled version of the Samsung Galaxy S — will be happy to know that the device isn’t dead! Well… it’s probably dead at the hands of Sprint, but you know the development community always has your back. The phone has finally gotten its first nightlies of […]

Samsung Epic 4G FC09 Update Released to Address Force Close Issues

Sprint’s Samsung Epic 4G Touch seems to be getting a software update starting today. The update isn’t Ice Cream Sandwich (again, don’t get your hopes up on that ever happening) but it does fix a very important bug. The force close people would suffer when receiving a call has been fixed, and they’ve also optimized […]

CyanogenMod 9 Alpha 0 for the Samsung Epic 4G Available [Video]

While the original Epic 4G never saw a truly stable release of CyanogenMod 7, the Epic CM team are making a lot of great progress with CyanogenMod 9. The Android 4.0-based ROM brings a stock Android offering for those who’d rather not deal with TouchWiz. An “alpha 0″ build was posted yesterday and it looks […]

More Sprint Devices Receive Security Updates – HTC Evo and Design 4G Added To The Mix

The HTC EVO 3D has already received it’s “security update” removing that nasty Carrier IQ spyware from devices and staying true to their word, Sprint has already begun issuing updates for the rest of their Android lineup. The HTC EVO 4G and HTC EVO Design 4G are next in line to receive their over-the-air updates […]

New Software Updates Coming Soon To Samsung Epic 4G and 4G Touch On Sprint

Samsung EPIC 4G and 4G Touch users get ready. Sprint is getting ready to send out a new over-the-air software update for both devices set to fix a few issues plaguing both devices. First up, we have the “OG” Samsung Epic 4G who will be receiving a few bug fixes after receiving a Gingerbread update […]

Samsung Epic 4G, LG Optimus 3D and More Gain CM7 Support

Some new devices have finally been added to CyanogenMod’s list of supported devices. We’ve got the Samsung EPIC 4G and LG Optimus 3D as notable additions. We’re also seeing support for the LG Optimus Black, Optimus Hub and Optimus Pro. These devices are on the list for CM7, of course, though we don’t expect all […]

Sprint Starts Epic 4G Gingerbread OTA: Have You Got Yours?

Hey there Samsung EPIC 4G owners, have you been craving an over the air update? As luck would have it, Sprint just announced they’ll begin sending Android 2.3 out to Epic 4G owners starting today. It should automatically start downloading and installation should take only a few minutes. Here is what Sprint had to say […]

Gingerbread Rolling out for Sprint’s Samsung Epic 4G Tomorrow (Nov. 9)

After months of leaks and speculation, is the Samsung EPIC 4G finally getting its update to Android 2.3? That’s the word from a source speaking to Android Central. It’s actually a bit silly that such a big-name handset still hasn’t received Gingerbread with other members of the Galaxy S II family long updated and Ice […]

Sprint Drops The Price On Epic 4G, Nexus S 4G and Echo

Looks like Sprint flew under our radar and dropped the price yesterday on some of their “old school” Android lineup. If you’re a new customer you can now sign up for a 2-year agreement and snag yourself a Samsung EPIC 4G for $100, Nexus S for $50 ($30 online), and the Kyocera Echo for free. […]

Sprint’s Most Popular Androids of Last Year Soon to Hit End of Life

New evidence has surfaced telling of impending “end of life” statuses for several of Sprint’s devices. Some are Android, some aren’t. Highlights include the HTC EVO 4G, Sprint’s original “superphone” following their moderately successful debut Android, the HTC Hero. Also on the list is the Samsung EPIC 4G, the only Galaxy S phone with a […]

Samsung Epic 4G Gets Another Leaked Gingerbread Build – EG22

I can just hear Samsung and Sprint hammering on that steel, trying to mold the Gingerbread update into a perfect fit. Yet another leaked build – EG22 – has come our way courtesy of our friends at SamFirmware. This build is likely light in major changes from the previous version, but it never hurts to […]

Confirmed: Samsung Epic 4G Is NOT Shipping With Android 2.3

Yesterday we posted a little something our awesome readers came across on the Sprint website. Apparently, Sprint had the Samsung EPIC 4G listed as shipping with Android 2.3 (and Sprint ID, what?). If you’re an Epic user, you were either confused, excited or angry that Gingerbread was being made available on the device. If you […]

Sprint Says Epic 4G “Ships With Android 2.3″

Can you feel it in the air? I’d be talking about the arrival of Android 2.3 on the Samsung EPIC 4G, of course. We know it’s out there. Countless leaks have tipped us off. It seems Sprint’s nearly ready to deliver, though, as they’ve listed the device as shipping “with Android 2.3″ on their site. […]

Samsung Epic 4G Receiving Gingerbread this Month?

With leaks dating all the way back to April, you would think the Android 2.3 update for the Samsung EPIC 4G would be nearing its rollout date. If we go off of new rumors reported today by SprintFeed, it might be right around the corner. According to their sources (who have been pretty accurate as […]