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Samsung Doubletime Reviews

The Verge
"It looks and feels like a feature phone, but it runs Android and requires a data plan — where does the DoubleTime fit in?"
"Those of you looking for a more unique, eye-catching design will appreciate the Samsung DoubleTime's petite hinging face with two screens and comfortable keyboard. However, the lower-end specs and outdated Android OS do the phone no favors."
Phone Dog
"Any time we see a smartphone with a unique form factor, it draws our attention. However, for some reason, manufacturers always seem to use these interesting and unique form factors on phones that are otherwise unimpressive and offer lackluster performance."
Android Community
"The latest phone to skirt the line between smartphones and featurephones is the Samsung DoubleTime, a QWERTY phone with a novel hinged and double-screen design."
Phone Arena
"Well, we have to give them credit for steering outside of the box, now that their clamshell dual-touchscreen device in the Samsung DoubleTime is ready for the taking."
Slash Gear
"What we’re going to compare this device to are a few other similarly-stacked devices on AT&T, but you’ll understand before the end of this that AT&T’s selection of Android devices relies so heavily on top-tier smartphones that the Samsung DoubleTime may well have a market to do well in. Imagine that!"
"The Samsung DoubleTime has two displays and a keyboard, but that isn't reason enough to buy it."