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Samsung Continuum Reviews

"It’s gimmicky, and while I applaud Samsung and Verizon for attempting to introduce some originality here, I just can’t pretend that I’d rather give up the extra screen real estate for a secondary display that’s only there for show and tell. If anyone were to ask me which Galaxy S phone on Verizon were better, I’d choose the Fascinate without hesitation and I’d send them on their way."
Android Central
"The big question is, which Galaxy S phone should I get on Verizon? The answer depends on what you're looking for. Both the Fascinate and Continuum perform about the same, and besides physical dimensions they are pretty identical in the hardware department. The Continuum gives up a little real estate on the main screen, and it's a little narrow to hold. You get used to that quickly though. On the plus side, it's not the same run-of-the-mill black slab we see so often in today's smartphones. If you're a communicator -- always sending and receiving some sort of message -- the Continuum may be just what you're looking for."
Android Police
"The Continuum is really the odd one out in Verizon’s line-up of Android phones. With a high-res display and Hummingbird processor, it’s definitely a high-end phone, but with a smaller screen and cheap casing, it’s built more like a budget phone than anything else. The Ticker makes it even more strange, because you still have a fairly large phone without a 4-inch (or larger) main screen. Still, if you find the Ticker intriguing, I would definitely recommend this phone: the pure speed and amazing display more than make up for the less-than-stellar build quality and bloated software."
Phone Arena
"With all things considered, there’s a lot to like about the Samsung Continuum – the dual Super AMOLED displays, fast 1GHz Hummingbird processor, 5MP autofocus camera with 720p video recording, superb music and video playback, and excellent call quality and reception. Even though the current thinking of “a larger display is better” when it comes to a phone’s screen size, it can make the phone feel too big and uncomfortable in most people’s hand, and that’s why we like the Continuum a bit more than the Fascinate – as it’s a nice size that most people will be comfortable with. But it’s good that there’s a choice between them, and with the DROID X, for those who do want a bigger phone with a larger display."
"To put it simply, without the ticker panel, the Samsung Continuum is just as good as any other Galaxy S phone on the market, so let that be the deciding factor."
"The Samsung Continuum felt like a cheap piece of plastic. That said, the phone itself does have some cool features like the dual screen ticker. We can see us reading important emails while streaming tweets. But is that feature enough to sell the phone?"
PC World
"The attractive and speedy Samsung Continuum’s secondary ticker display can be useful, but it isn’t for everyone."
Pocket Now
"It appears that Samsung is truly trying to make their Galaxy S line of devices for everyone. If you desire a sAMOLED screen but have been turned off by the large 4” screens, the Continuum may be for you. It’s great to see Samsung offering their devices in different shapes and designs that one uniform theme. We just hope that they can stay on top of things and provide their users with updates as they roll out."
"The Samsung Continuum is definitely a slick device, but it might or might not be your own proverbial cup of tea. For example, it lacks a front-facing camera, a pull-out hard keyboard, and 4G connectivity, three features included in Sprint's rendition of the Galaxy S, the Epic 4G, but not in any of the rest."
Unwired View
The Continuum doesn’t add anything extra besides the ticker that you can’t get with any other Android phone on Verizon. The only other reason you would want this phone is because you prefer a Galaxy S with a smaller screen. That actually is quite understandable; sometimes wider phones with larger screens can be too hefty or bulky for your taste. The Continuum body is easy to hold and grip onto.