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Is the Galaxy Note Edge doomed to the same fate as the Samsung Continuum?

In 2010 Samsung launched the Continuum, a Galaxy smartphone with a secondary ticker display. Four years later the concept returns with the Galaxy Note Edge. The technology is much prettier, but will things be different the second time around?

The 10 worst Android phones of all time

We thought it’d be fun to think about what the worst Android phones have been so far. My colleagues and I have had a fun time putting this list together and talking about what awarded each device’s spot in this list. Come check out some of the worst Android phones of all time!

After All of This Time… the Samsung Continuum Receives Android 2.2 (Yes, .2)

Well, I almost completely forgot that this phone existed. The Galaxy S Phone with a pointless secondary display may have bowed out of the market unwanted, but that doesn’t stop Samsung and Verizon from supporting it with updates. The device has finally gotten an update to a new major version of Android and that version […]

A Handful of Verizon Devices Reaching End-of-Life; DROID 3, Samsung Continuum and Tab 10.1 Getting a Bit Hard to Find

An update for you Verizon faithful looking to find a device you may want sometime soon. The Motorola CITRUS and the Motorola DROID 2 (along with its global counterpart) will both see end-of-life on the Android side of the spectrum. Both have had good runs but have been outclassed by sequels or better comparable devices. […]

Froyo Leaks for the Samsung Continuum

If the Samsung Galaxy S family had a red-headed stepchild, Verizon’s Continuum would win the honors. The phone’s unique secondary ticker display didn’t make as big a splash as Samsung might have hoped, relegating the Continuum to the back of our minds. It’s Android 2.1 software isn’t helping much either. Now, a leak of a […]

Original DROID, Samsung Continuum to Receive Maintenance Upgrades

We have some upgrade news from Big Red to help you folks kick the morning off. The Original Motorola DROID will soon get a maintenance upgrade – no Gingerbread here, folks – which could be the Android 2.2.2 update that the Nexus One saw not too long ago. At least one lucky user is getting […]

Samsung Continuum Review

Although this is a Galaxy S phone, there’s a significant difference in hardware between the Samsung Continuum and other Galaxy S phones. (The most obvious being the smaller screen size to make room for that ticker display, of course.) The phone is as slim and light as other Galaxy S phones, but it’s a little […]

Samsung on Galaxy S Gingerbread Possibility: Maybe, but Maybe Not

The first question that came to everyone’s mind when Gingerbread was finally announced a couple of days ago was “will Samsung be delivering it to users of their flagship smartphone?” And the skepticism and need to even ask this question is understandable: a lot of us haven’t even gotten Froyo yet. And there’s no clear […]

Samsung Sold More Android Smartphones in Q3 than Anyone in America

Samsung’s finally atop the Android totem pole (at least here in the states) as they’ve just announced that Gartner’s Q3 research shows them as the number 1 provider of Android smartphones in the United States. I’m not surprised by the news considering you can find their current flagship device – the Samsung Galaxy S – […]

Samsung Continuum Source Code Released

Verizon’s Samsung Continuum – the Galaxy S phone with a smaller main display to make room for that “cool” ticker display beneath it – has had its source code released and ready for developers to download. I wonder if some of the folks at XDA can do some cool stuff with that ticker display. Probably […]

Samsung Continuum Video Unboxing

The Samsung Continuum is out and we’ve got one to put through its paces, but before I take the thing through a few days of ticker-filled madness, I thought I’d share with you guys a quick and dirty unboxing of the device. The Samsung Continuum has a 3.4-inch Super AMOLED display, accompanied by a 1.8-inch […]

Samsung Continuum Gets an Extended YouTube Ad

Last night at the Samsung Continuum launch event this is the video that introduced the phone to the world, but all I could think of the whole time was how its marketing strategy is directly opposite of the current round of Windows Phone 7 ads going around. Whereas Windows is marketing their phone as a […]

Official: Samsung Continuum Available For $199 On Verizon Starting November 11th

It wasn’t hard to figure out the Samsung event tonight would be all about the Continuum. After an “are you here for the Continuum event” greeting, we took our seats in front of a large projector with the Samsung Continuum plastered on it” Before the event even started I found a press release with some […]

Samsung Continuum Goes Official, November 11th for Verizon

Samsung’s finally confirmed the Samsung Continuum themselves. It’s been out in the wild for a long time, but neither them or Verizon had acknowledged its existence. (That never threw us off, of course.) They’ve just tweeted that the Samsung Continuum will be launching on Verizon November 11th as the first phone with a secondary dedicated […]

Samsung Continuum, Motorola Droid Pro User Guides Now Available

Eyeing up the Samsung Continuum or the Motorola DROID PRO and need something to fill your time between now and their releases? Lucky for you Verizon has let loose the user guides for both handsets. Pretty standard fare here; it won’t enlighten you on anything you didn’t already know about smartphones and Android, but you […]