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Samsung Captivate Reviews

"Obviously, it's a little premature to make any conclusions about the Samsung Captivate, but it certainly looks as if AT&T finally has a powerful Android smartphone."
"The Samsung Captivate is no iPhone killer, but it's one of the best smartphones on the market today. The Super AMOLED screen is awesome, the phone is pistol fast (even faster when Android 2.2 gets here), there is a plethora of social tools for staying up to date with friends, and the 5-megapixel camera and 720p video is a nice addition. We did prefer the Apple iPhone 4's iOS4 browsing experience, Retina display, and camera over the Samsung Captivate's, but if you're not into the Apple lifestyle, then the Samsung Captivate is definitely worth checking out."
Phone Arena
"Honestly, this is the best Android smartphone available to AT&T customers to date – and that's a fact! Not only does it easily trump all of the mid-range offerings released thus far for the carrier, but it stands tall amongst the elites in the Android world. With its lightning quick reflexes, navigating on the platform is very assuring as everything just moves so smoothly – which goes to show the processing prowess of its Hummingbird processor. And to tell you the truth, its customized Android experience is a refreshing new look when you take into consideration what US consumers have been limited to for the past year. In the design department, the Captivate is a compelling offering with its streamlined looks that are accented with some quality materials to make it feel solid all around. Finally, the crowning jewel seen with its Super AMOLED display is unparalleled as nothing yet comes close when it comes to sheer luminance, lush colors, and contrast ratios – it will easily enthrall gazers from afar. In the end, AT&T might not host a healthy amount of Android handsets, but this one will easily captivate consumers with its uplifting looks and tantalizing performance."
Android Central
"If you're looking for an Android phone -- or any smartphone, for that matter -- on AT&T, the Samsung Captivate is a no-brainer."
"This is Samsung’s first serious play at a high-end, top-of-the-line Android smartphone, and it is a great start. In our opinion the Samsung Captivate would make a great smartphone for those who are new to the world of Android or those who aren’t Android purists. In other words, for most it will do…"
"The Captivate has a lot more going for it than a pretty screen."
PC World
"The Samsung Captivate has a dazzling display and a bevy of multimedia and social networking features."
"The Captivate is currently the best Android smartphone on AT&T, and, in my eyes, is the only contender against the iPhone for those that want a powerful device. The Captivate has a lot going for it, from its beautiful Super AMOLED display to its chic form factor and its 16GB of storage."
Laptop Mag
"The fact that the Samsung Captivate is the best Android phone on AT&T almost goes without saying. The combination of its Super AMOLED screen, 1-GHz processor, and HD video recording make it a no-brainer. But is it better than the competition? We prefer the iPhone 4 because of its more premium design, better camera, and superior app selection (mostly games)."
"Captivate is the best non-iPhone in AT&T's lineup. Android purists may scoff at Samsung's TouchWiz user interface, but consumers will enjoy its ease of use combined with the phone's large, gorgeous display."