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Samsung Behold 2 Reviews

"One of Samsung's first Android phones for the US market really does a good job of capturing the eyes of customers, but they will soon grow tired and find the experience almost heart breaking. With pricing playing a key factor, it's really difficult convincing someone to go with the Behold II over the others that are available right now."
(7.3 out of 10) "Of all the Android devices, the Samsung Behold II offers some of the most powerful multimedia features, but its high price tag is a major turnoff."
(2.5 out of 5) "the Samsung Behold II is the most expensive Android phone on T-Mobile, and it’s far from the best. It doesn’t offer the type of social network integration that other Android phones offer, such as the Sprint HTC Hero and T-Mobile Motorola Cliq, and it’s noticeably slower."
"T-Mobile’s 4th Android device has a lot going for it. 5.0 megapixel camera, all the smartphone basics, WiFi, 3G, GPS, and a 3.5 mm headphone jack. But it feels kinda cheap, runs Android 1.5, and for $229.99? No thank you."
"I feel comfortable enough with Android to say that it's presented in a solid package on the Samsung Behold II. And while many might like the fact that there are loads of third-party apps available, it really doesn't need that many. You could could spend more time enjoying the beautiful screen and battery life rocking out to a nicely connected life."
"Overall it was a decent enough device that anyone would be relatively happy with, but my concern is that it didn’t have enough of a WOW factor to turn those heads that may be turned in the direction of the Droid. Frankly, for the same or even lower cost, the Droid seems to have nicer specs. If you are a happy T-Mobile customer that doesn’t want to switch, the Behold II is one of the better Android devices T-Mobile has carried thus far."
"The Samsung Behold II had the makings of a great Android smartphone, but turned out to be the merely decent one instead. The hardware is nice, and the 5 megapixel camera and AMOLED touchscreen display are real winners. But Samsung's bull-headed support for its awkward and counter-intuitive TouchWiz homescreen system spoils the fun, even if many of the other aspects of the phone hit with the TouchWiz treatment are solid."
(4 out of 5) "With a gorgeous AMOLED display and an excellent camera, the pricey Samsung Behold II will appeal to multimedia junkies with deep pockets."
"Samsung's Behold II is the most impressively ugly Android phone in existence. The custom interface is so bad, so gaudy and so confusing it turned my brains into ooze."
(70% good) "High-quality OLED screen looks great. Samsung's TouchWIZ interface hurts Android experience. Keyboard is cramped and difficult."
"While other companies have gone onwards and upwards with Android, we're afraid that Samsung's latest is a non-starter. By taking yesterday's version of Android, an all-but-underpowered processor, and an ill-considered user experience, the company has given us a handset that does far too many things, far too poorly."
(3.5 out of 5) "Of all the Android devices, the Samsung Behold II offers some of the most powerful multimedia features, but its high price tag is a major turnoff."