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Samsung Beam Overview

The Samsung Beam codenamed the Samsung Halo during development is a high-end phone made even more interesting by it's unique feature - a PROJECTOR built in! Not only does it roll with the latest version of Android (2.1) but also features great specs definetly suitable for all your media needs including 15 GB of internal memory!

Specs include a 3.7" inch Super AMOLED screen bringing you high quality viewing of all your photos and Videos supporting HD video up to 720p , a video player that supports DivX, an Stereo FM radio with RDS support and what do you need to go with your great media specs & PROJECTOR? A good pair of high quality speakers - luckily the Samsung Beam comes with a great pair of speakers with DNSe (Digital Natural Sound Engine) technology. Check out the Pictures below to compare the AMOLED screen on Google's Nexus One and the Beam's super AMOLED display.

Ofcourse the Beam also comes with what you'd expect including GPS, Bluetooth and Wifi b/g/n. It also features Samsung's own Touchwiz user interface which is of course customizable and helps you to easily keep track of all your tweeting on Twitter and Facebook,

The Samsung Beam was announced back in February of 2010 and no other information has been given on price either but packed with these specs , it's going to cost a pretty penny. Want to get your hands on it? The Beam is expected to launch sometime this summer so keep an eye out!