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Polaroid iM1835 Android camera rocks interchangeable lens and Jelly Bean [VIDEO]

I’m currently using the Samsung Galaxy Camera for CES coverage… and it’s awesome. It takes incredible video, incredible pictures, and among other things includes 21X optical zoom. But for the consumer who wants a slightly more flexible photography experience that acts a bit more like your traditional DSLR, the Polaroid iM1835 might be your answer. […]

Polaroid shows off micro 4/3rds compatible camera with Android

Android-based cameras are starting to become the “in” thing for many camera manufacturers. While some smaller names have made some Android-based point-and-shoots over the past couple of years, it wasn’t until Samsung took a crack at it that the idea of having these mash-ups became serious. The Samsung Galaxy Camera, while not the greatest camera […]

Leaked images of the Polaroid IM1836 shows an Android powered mirrorless interchangeable lens camera

Looks like this whole “Android camera” thing is really starting to take off. After Samsung released the Galaxy Camera a few short weeks ago, it seems it may have been the start of a trend. We know Nikon released their own (underpowered) point in shoot a few weeks before Samsung, and here we are today […]