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10 things only Android users will understand

Using an Android device comes with a number of quirks and feelings that only Android users can understand. That’s exactly what makes Android users different, and why we can safely say no one else understands what it’s like.

Hot Deal

Deal: You can get $50 off the HTC U11

If $650 is just a bit too much to pay for the HTC U11, HTC is knocking the price down to something sweeter if you join Team HTC.


Verizon cancels the LG Watch Sport

If you’ve been waiting all this time for the LG Watch Sport to start shipping from Verizon, it’s time to start looking at alternative options. The smartwatch has been canceled.

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The Android Phone with the Best Battery Life [September 2016]

Battery life is a prime talking point when considering which smartphone you want to spend hundreds of dollars on, so it’s understandable to give it some heavy weight in your overall decision. To help you out, we’re presenting the Android phones with the best battery life.

new vs old

HTC U11 vs HTC 10: Worth upgrading?

The HTC U11 is official, which means the HTC 10 is now officially outdated. The tech world moves fast. Math tells us that 11 is greater than 10, but is that really the case with this phone?


HTC U11 vs Best Alternatives [SPECS]

After a bunch of rumors and leaks, the HTC U11 is finally official. As per usual, we like to compare new devices to the competition. For the U11, that’s the Samsung Galaxy S8, LG G6, Pixel, and iPhone 7.


Is the HTC U11 worth $650? [Poll]

Taking into account all we know about the HTC U11, after reviewing its specs and taking a deeper look with our hands-on, we’re curious: do you think the device is worth HTC’s $650 starting price?


HTC U11 Specs

The HTC U11 has fully broken cover, and on paper it’s looking like HTC’s best effort ever. If you’re curious to see what’s under the hood, look no further.

many sales

Galaxy S8 sales pass 5 million units worldwide

The Samsung Galaxy S8 and Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus have only been available for a few weeks, but sales are already looking good. According to The Investor, global sales are already past 5 million units.

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Huawei P9 Review

The Huawei P9 is one of the best Android smartphone that Huawei has ever build. But can it go head-to-head with flagship devices from the competition?

New phones incoming

The Honor 9 may end up being unveiled on June 27th

A new leak shows off a press invitation from Honor for June 27th in Berlin. This has led to speculation that the company will be unveiling the Honor 9 on this date.