Instagram now lets you save Live Video to your device

It’s been a few months since Instagram rolled out Live Video streaming to their app. Today, they’re finally giving you a way to save these videos to your device and do with them whatever you like.

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Best to-do list, task list, and checklist apps for Android

Many folks are sure to be looking for a new check-list app after Astrid announced it was being acquired by Yahoo. Stop in to see what we consider the 5 best checklist, to-do list, and task list apps for Android.

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10 Best Android Wallpaper Apps

Android has literally thousands of apps that can provide cool and unique wallpapers for your phone. It can be hard to find the apps that are actually good. We’ve compiled a list of 10 wallpaper apps that really shine.

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Deal: $29 off when you buy 2 Google Homes

Google has a modest deal going on the Google Home when you buy a 2-pack. The Assistant-infused home hubs tend to cost $129 each, but if you buy 2 your price tag will show $229.


ZTE’s first Android Wear watch leaks

ZTE is working on an Android Wear smartwatch. Their first at bat is known as the ZTE Quartz right now, and new photos of the thing have just leaked.

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LineageOS reaches 1 million active installations

We knew that LineageOS would be a pretty big deal, what with former Cyanogen-bred talent handling its development. What we didn’t anticipate was it growing as fast as it is.

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Deal: LG Watch Style is $70 off at Best Buy

We don’t typically see smartwatch deals this good until a watch has gad a nice couple of months on the market, but Best Buy seems eager to move some units of the LG Watch style.


Guess announces 2 Android Wear smartwatches

Count Guess as the latest fashion brand to try their hand at smartwatches. The clothing outlet has announced the Guess Connect line of Android Wear watches.

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How to turn off iMessage when switching from iPhone to Android

Have recent major Android releases like the HTC One M8 and Samsung Galaxy S5 lured you away from your iPhone? Unfortunately, a side effect of the changeover might cause your new device to be unable to receive text messages.

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10 Tips & Tricks to get the most out of Google Calendar

Google Calendar is arguably the biggest advancement in calendars since they started printing them out with cat photos. To get the most out of this powerful productivity tool, there are a few tips and tricks you should know about.