Sony SmartWatch 3 said to be headed to IFA

Aug 15th - IFA seems like a choice launching platform for many top manufacturers, though not many are bigger than Sony. This historically is their mobile playground, and it's where they come to show off some of their most exciting second half endeavors. One of those endeavors could be a new smart watch.

YouTube for TV app set to get revamped for Android TV

Aug 15th - Android TV isn't readily available, but that doesn't mean Google isn't working on getting it ready to go for its eventual launch later this year. The first move they've made is to upgrade the YouTube app to be more easy to use on the big screen.

You can now be the world’s worst surgeon with Surgeon Simulator hitting Android

Aug 15th - Ever wanted to be a deadly surgeon that didn't know an artery from a bone? Fancy cutting into some poor schmuck who thinks he's about to get a quality operation only to die on the operating table? Me neither, but we can at least experience that harrowing, twisted situation on Android.

Google says ‘Surf’s Up’ with Android Wear, but LG says ‘Stay Dry’

Aug 14th - Going surfing with your LG G Watch as depicted in Google's latest Android Wear commercial? You might want to think twice about that according to LG.

Humble Bundle update introduces performance and visual overhaul, brings music and ebooks along for the ride

Aug 14th - For those who have been hoarding more Android games than they'd like to admit thanks to Humble Bundle's periodic game sales, listen up. The Humble Bundle app has finally dropped the beta tag and no longer performs like ass. It even keeps track of your music and ebook libraries too.

Wally is a new wallpaper app that goes hard on Material Design, gorgeous animations and all

Aug 14th - Wally is a new wallpaper app that features an excessive amount of Google's new Material Design -- animations and all. Best part, is you don't even need Android L to experience right now. Seriously, you're going to want to see this.

Sprint to introduce ‘aggressive’ pricing plans next week as new CEO attempts to shake up the industry

Aug 14th - Now we're not saying a $50 unlimited data plan is coming next week, but Sprint is definitely planing something. According to their new CEO, they're confident they'll introduce disruptive new pricing plans next week. Stay tuned.

AT&T Moto X now receiving Android 4.4.4, Sprint model receives 4.4.4 soak test

Aug 14th - Android 4.4.4 is now officially arriving for the AT&T Moto X. This now leaves Sprint as the last of the big 4 to update, although we're hearing reports a soak test is now underway. Expect Sprint to push out 4.4.4 in the coming days.

Coin taking shipping info from backers next week, will provide shipping dates inside Android app on Sept 25th

Aug 14th - Starting next week, Coin will be getting shipping info from backers. Once the official app drops on Sept 25th, they'll be providing backers with actual shipping dates. It's almost here, folks.

Phan Favs: What is the best podcast app for Android? [VOTE]

Aug 14th - Podcasting has really picked up in popularity over the last few years. Finding a great app to listen to podcasts can be tricky. We want to know what apps you use for listening to podcasts. It's time to vote!

“PHUNK” special edition HTC One M8 revealed

Aug 14th - There's a new special edition of the HTC One M8 making its way out soon. The folks in Taiwan have teamed up with Singaporean art collective PHUNK Studio to etch an interesting design into the back of the device.

Moto 360 release date could be September 5th as Google requests shipping info from I/O attendees

Aug 14th - Motorola has started sending Google I/O attendees emails requesting shipping information to send Moto 360 smart watch. The email hints that September 5th could be the glorious launch date we've all been waiting for.

Best LG G3 apps and games

Aug 14th - If you are looking to get the most out of your LG G3’s powerful hardware and gorgeous display, you will want the best possible software to go with it. From apps for better keyboard and camera experiences to visually stunning yet challenging games, these are the one you simply do not want to miss.

HTC Zoe beta app hits Google Play for non-HTC phones

Aug 14th - Those without an HTC device can now download the HTC Zoe app from Google Play. There are a couple of caveats to note so be sure to find out what they are!

Use this trick to check Facebook messages without downloading the Messenger app

Aug 14th - Recently Facebook decided to require uses to download the separate Facebook Messenger app in order to read and send messages. Facebook Messenger is actually a really nice app, but for anyone that doesn't send or receive a lot of messages on Facebook this is annoying.