Learn Android development directly from Googlers with this Udacity course

Jul 16th - There are a lot of great courses and resources out there for learning Android development already, but what would be better than learning from the folks who created the mobile OS? That's exactly what you have the opportunity to do thanks to Udacity's newest course.

Samsung Level headphones and speakers go on sale in the US

Jul 16th - If you don't already have a comfy pair of headphones or a nice Bluetooth speaker to enjoy your tunes, Samsung's hoping you'll consider their new wares. The company has announced that their Samsung Level line of audio products are on sale in the United States.

Google Play Music All Access comes to 6 new countries today

Jul 16th - Friends in six new countries can wake up happy today knowing that'll be able to access a healthy library of millions of tunes for a low monthly fee. Google Play Music All Access is now available in more places.

AT&T’s HTC Desire 610 launches July 25th for $200 off contract

Jul 16th - &T and HTC are coming together to provide an affordable 4G LTE smartphone if you're in the market for one. That smartphone is the Android-based HTC Desire 610, and it launches July 25th.

Snapchat adds Geofilters, location-based photo stickers and labels [VIDEO]

Jul 15th - Snapchat announced the latest feature to arrive in their wildly successful app: Geofilters. These are essentially location-based stickers that can only be accessed while visiting specific areas of interest.

Google Glass updated to XE19.1, brings improved connectivity and refreshed voice menu

Jul 15th - Software update XE19.1 is now rolling out to Google Glass. No, it doesn't add support for Android Wear notifications (yet), but the update does improve connectivity in the headset. Guess it's better than nothing.

Google+ finally abandons display name restrictions, lets users choose whichever name they like

Jul 15th - Some big changes arriving for Google+ users. After forbidding the use of any display name other than what appears on your birth certificate, Google is now allowing users to choose whichever display name tickles their fancy.

Sprint HTC One M8 receives WiFi calling in new software update rolling out now

Jul 15th - The Sprint HTC One M8 is now receiving an over-the-air update that -- aside from the usual bug fixes -- introduces WiFi calling for when network coverage isn't optimal.

Android 4.4.4 Release 2 rolls out to the Nexus 5 in select regions

Jul 15th - If you're a Nexus 5 owner in New Zealand, Australia, or India -- Android 4.4.4 Release 2 is currently rolling out. Pretty much just an update to radios for networks in those regions. Have fun!

Minuum shows off their keyboard app running on Android Wear, take it for a test run here

Jul 15th - It's probably the last place you'd want to type out messages, but we suppose it can help in a pinch. Check out the Minuum keyboard app running on the LG G Watch (Android Wear). Link to take it for a test run in the post.

Android Deals: 50% off Nexus 7, Anomaly series on sale, free Breaking Bad and more

Jul 15th - What if I told you I could point you toward savings of over 50% on a 32GB Nexus 7 tablet? You’d probably jump right on that deal and stop reading this article altogether, but I insist you don’t do so just yet. There are plenty of more discounts to be had, including savings on the excellent Anomaly series of games as well as an Emmy season nod to Breaking Bad.

AT&T Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 8.0 now available

Jul 15th - AT&T users have a new option for tablets if they're in the market for one. The company has announced that the Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 8.0 is available starting today.

16 Best Android Games for 2 Players

Jul 15th - Most multiplayer games nowadays can only work if you're connected to the internet. Sure, it's fun to pwn noobs from across the world, but sometimes you want to pwn the person sitting right next to you.

Top 10 Android dating apps and the people you’ll meet using them

Jul 15th - Dating is hard. First you have to actually get dressed and leave the house. Then you have to go to public places and actually talk to people, bracing for rejection 90 percent of the time. Why even take a shower or and brush your teeth when finding love is only a few swipes away on your Android device?

Google is fed up with shoddy online security, so they’re doing something about it

Jul 15th - Google knows how annoying it is to have to watch your digital back everyday with vulnerabilities popping up left and right. They're so fed up that they've decided to create a whole new research team to start fighting back.