Download: 35 great wallpapers from the Sony Xperia Z3

Sep 9th - You might not be able to get your hands on the Sony Xperia Z3 just yet, but you can at least infuse a bit of its flavor into whatever you're rocking now. Here are 35 wallpapers for you to sink your teeth into!

Reminder: T-Mobile announces Un-Carrier 7.0 tomorrow, live streaming it for all to see

Sep 9th - T-Mobile has just informed us that they'll be showering the tech world about news regarding Un-carrier 7.0 tomorrow. We heard about the event a couple of weeks ago, but you'll be happy to know that they'll live stream whatever it is they have to show off.

Amazon Prime Instant Video for Android is finally available for download

Sep 9th - The Amazon Instant Video app for Android is now available for download. Venture over to the Amazon Appstore to download it if this is something you've been waiting for!

The Moto 360 is officially coming soon to AT&T, will join LG G Watch as second Android Wear offering

Sep 8th - AT&T officially announced that they'll soon be carrying the Moto 360. You know, once Motorola can keep up with demand.

Google Glass XE21.0 rolling out, brings Waze info into navigation and quicker Google Now cards

Sep 8th - Heads up, #GlassExplorers . A new software update for Glass should be hitting your headset in the coming days. XE21.0 is a relatively small update, but should help you avoid traffic when navigating with Glass thanks to Waze integration.

Verizon HTC One M8 to receive Android 4.4.3 on Sept 10th

Sep 8th - If you've got an HTC One M8 on Verizon, brace yourself for Android 4.4.3 arriving this Wednesday, September 10th. The update brings all the security patches from Android 4.4.4, while adding new stuff like HTC's Extreme Power Saving mode.

Moto 360 shipments imminent, Google sends tracking numbers to I/O 2014 attendees

Sep 8th - The Moto 360 is one hot item, selling out almost immediately after launch and currently on back order. We knew that Google IO attendees would receive a free Moto 360 and that Google was in possession of the units, but would the "sold out" status affect the delivery date? It appears not as Google has begun sending FedEx tracking confirmation numbers to I/O attendees.

Tested: Moto 360 should work fine on (most) Qi-enabled chargers, but results may vary

Sep 8th - We tried charging our Moto 360 on a few of Qi wireless chargers we had laying around the house. The results? While it charged just fine for the most part, there were some definite inconsistencies. For details, check out our post.

Amazon Fire Phone permanently discounted to $.99 on a new two-year contract

Sep 8th - In case you didn't already believe the Amazon Fire Phone wasn't selling well, perhaps this news might convince you. Amazon has taken the phone down to $.99 when signing a new two-year contract.

Come in 007: this GoldenEye watchface fits perfectly on the Moto 360

Sep 8th - Picked up a Moto 360 yet? Whether you plan to (or already have), you're going to want to throw this blast-from-the-past GoldenEye themed watchface on it. Because nostalgia.

Embarrassing Motorola Connect bug automatically installs broken Moto 360 apps on non-Motorola smart watches

Sep 8th - Motorola forgot to make sure the devices connected to their smartphones weren't Moto 360s. Phandroid's Derek Ross recently noticed an error on his LG G Watch that installed incompatible Motorola apps on the device.

Deal: Amazon has up to 60% off SanDisk microSD and SD cards today only

Sep 8th - Amazon has another great deal up for those looking for cheap memory. SanDisk's catalog of tiny memory products -- including flash drives, microSD cards -- are up for grabs for up to 60% off today only.

T-Mobile guarantees best trade-in values ahead of crazy autumn launches

Sep 8th - Today's announcement by T-Mobile puts a pretty big guarantee on the table: they promise to offer the best trade-in values for used phones in the industry to help you get the most for upcoming smartphone launches.

From the Forums: How is your new Moto 360 treating you (if you were able to buy one, that is)?

Sep 8th - So anyone who was able to get their Moto 360 over the weekend has had a few days to play with it by now. We're curious -- how are things going for you?

Verizon lists steel band Moto 360 for pre-sale, ships November 11th

Sep 8th - Verizon has given us an early indication of a launch window for the steel band Moto 360 as they've listed the device for pre-sale. The listing says it'll ship November 11th.