Mobile Roar 102: OnePlus & Motorola events, SIM cards, and Google is SkyNet

Jul 23rd - We've got some big mobile events coming up next week, so we preview what we expect to see from OnePlus and Motorola. Other big news this week includes a rumor that Apple and Samsung are working together to eliminate SIM cards, and more!

OnePlus One sold over 1.5 million units in its first year

Jul 23rd - OnePlus doesn't often talk about sales numbers, but the company's cofounder Carl Pei was happy enough to share some in an interview with the Wall Street Journal. The big takeaway is that the OnePlus One sold 1.5 million units within its first year.

This is the Moto X 3rd Gen in gold and white, and it looks absolutely gorgeous

Jul 23rd - The Moto X 3rd Gen is almost set for its big unveiling next week, and we're starting to get a look at some of the color options that'll be available once it arrives. This time we get a look at the combination of gold and white.

Under Armour’s fitness apps get 100,000 new users per day, HTC could bring many more

Jul 23rd - Under Armour today announced their earnings report for the second quarter of 2015. The company is doing as well as they ever have, if you care, and they're poised to do even better with HTC's help later this year.

You can now apply to be a speaker at the Big Android BBQ

Jul 23rd - Things are ramping up over at IDEAAA's planning department for the Big Android BBQ, and their next phase includes finding some capable speakers to head up the various panels they'll be holding. You can now sign up to be a speaker at the big event.

Sony is building a new custom UI that more closely resembles ‘vanilla’ Android

Jul 22nd - Sony’s version of Android was never very “heavy” on user interface customizations. Even still it appears they’re now taking a page out of Motorola’s handbook with a new UI, built entirely from the ground up, that more closely resembles vanilla Android.

Pebble Time 3.2 update brings new backlight, vibration, and font settings – app updated too

Jul 22nd - After only hitting retail stores earlier this week, Pebble is wasting on time in pushing out an update to the Pebble TIme that brings some of their most user requested features to the smartwatch.

Alleged photos of the Moto X (3rd Gen) with front facing flash have leaked out, looks delicious

Jul 22nd - While we anxiously await Motorola’s upcoming July 28th event where they’re sure to unveil a follow up to last year’s Moto G and X, new images of these upcoming devices are still popping up around the net.

T-Mobile announces Advanced Messaging for super charged text and picture messaging

Jul 22nd - T-Mobile has announced something they're calling "Advanced Messaging." Built on the Rich Communications Services (RCS) standard, T-Mobile's Advanced Messaging gives users many of the benefits found in instant messaging services -- only this isn't exclusive to apps or platforms.

Rejoice: YouTube on Android finally displays full screen vertical videos (as they should)

Jul 22nd - We know, the internet makes a really big deal about videos short in portrait mode, also known as “vertical videos.” Today, Google has finally caved and introduced full screen viewing for videos shot vertically in the YouTube app for Android devices.

Enter now for your last chance to win a OnePlus 2, Nexus 6, LG G4, and more

Jul 22nd - Save a few bucks and enter for a chance to win one of the best smartphones from the last year from One lucky winner will get their choice fromthe top flagship devices.

More Google Glass Enterprise details reveal foldable design, rugged build and water resistance

Jul 22nd - The latest Google Glass Enterprise prototypes are being spotted out and about, and they include some interesting beneficial changes that you'll be glad to know about. Check it out!

10 Most Addictive Android Games of 2015

Jul 22nd - mobile gaming is dominated by simple arcade-style games. They may only require a few taps here and there, but their addictive nature is nothing to scoff at. We're back with even more addictive games for you, but this time we're focusing on newer games. You'll be playing these games until your battery is screaming at you.

Google acquires mobile app prototyping software Pixate and makes it free for all to use

Jul 22nd - Google is always looking for ways to improve the app development experience for developers, and their latest move continues that trend. Google has officially acquired Pixate, a kit of software that lets developers prototype new mobile apps.

Google clears the air on Google+ Photos closure

Jul 22nd - Google+ Photos is out, Google Photos is in. That's the news if you haven't heard, but in case you still aren't sure what, exactly, that means for you and your photos a Googler has chimed in to rest concerns once and for all.