Official: Cyanogen has raised $80 million in Series C funding

Mar 23rd - We'd heard Cyanogen recently secured a massive wad of cash in Series C funding, and now that news has been made official. The company reportedly raked in $80 million of fresh investments from a sizable and noteworthy group of ventures and companies.

Last chance to save over 75% on Anonymizer’s Universal VPN service at

Mar 23rd - Is the government spying on you? Are you paranoid about identity theft? Did you snub an elite hacker, giving them every reason to make your life miserable? Are you too cheap to afford at-home WiFi, instead opting for insecure public networks? If you answered yes to any of the above questions, we’ve got a deal for you.

Android Lollipop is getting an “on-body detection” feature that keeps your phone unlocked in your pocket

Mar 23rd - If you're the type of person who hates having to unlock their smartphone each time they take it out of their pocket, Google is working on a feature just for you. It's called on-body detection, and through the use of the accelerometer it predicts when the phone is in your pocket or hand.

It’s true: you can remove a crap ton of bloatware from the Samsung Galaxy S6

Mar 23rd - Some lucky soul grabbed hold of a Samsung Galaxy S6 before its official launch and held an AMA session. One of the biggest requests was information about pre-installed apps, and the news is good: a good deal of them can be uninstalled (or at the very least, disabled)

Latest HTC One M9+ leak shows a phone that looks like One M9 and has a 5.2-inch display

Mar 23rd - HTC didn’t unveil the HTC One M9 Plus (said to be branded as M9+ by the time it hits retail) like we were hoping and expecting them to, but that doesn’t mean it’ll simply disappear from the rumor mill. The latest information from OnLeaks reveals a couple of new details about the device. The photo […]

Best Buy might have Galaxy S6 pre-sale this Friday, plans to throw in wireless charging pad [RUMOR]

Mar 23rd - When will first pre-sales begin for the Samsung Galaxy S6? For Best Buy, it could be as soon as this Friday, and they might even through in a free wireless charging pad for doing so.

Amazon “Unlocked” could be like Prime for Android apps

Mar 20th - Amazon is looking to offer more free apps with a new program. The Unlocked program would offer paid apps for free, and even unlock all in-app purchases for "free-to-play" games.

Atari turns your fitness routine into a game with Atari Fit

Mar 20th - Here's something completely unexpected: Atari is getting into the fitness game. Yes, that Atari. The same company that made Pong back in the day. Their new app, called Atari Fit, is aimed at making fitness more like a game.

Google is giving away $80 worth of freebies to Chromecast owners

Mar 20th - Google continues to make the case for everyone on the planet to own a Chromecast. Their latest promotion puts $80 worth of freebies up for grabs just for owning a Chromecast.

Tesla App designers prefer Android Wear over Apple Watch

Mar 20th - Apple may be trying to attack a niche portion of the wearable market by creating a more "premium" option, but premium hardware doesn't always equate to blissful software. The developers of the Tesla app for the Apple Watch found that out in their latest project.

Download: Android 5.1 factory image for the Nexus Player

Mar 20th - We talk a lot about Android 5.1 for phones and tablets, but what about Google's first Android TV product? Looks like the Nexus Player is finally set to get it as the company has posted the factory image over at their website.

HTC may reconsider not updating the One M7 to Android 5.1

Mar 20th - The HTC One M7 was originally not slated to be updated past Android 5.0, but that could change.

50% off ZeroLemon’s 20,000mAh solar-powered backup battery at

Mar 20th - 20,000mAh worth of reserve power is enough to charge the average smartphone nearly 10 times over. Couple that with the green energy of the sun and you get a nearly unlimited supply of clean backup battery power. That’s what ZeroLemon’s SolarJuice battery pack offers, and it can be yours now for 50% off the retail price at

A tour of the Samsung Galaxy S6 “Edge Screen” features and settings [VIDEO]

Mar 20th - The Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge is one of the coolest looking Android devices in recent years. However, the curved display is for more than just looks.

Deal: Get the HTC RE camera for $99 (that’s 50% off) at Best Buy

Mar 20th - Quick deal alert for folks wanting to add some funky stuff to their digital photography kit. The HTC RE Camera is on sale for $99 at Best Buy, which is a full $100 off its normal retail price.