Watch what happens when the HTC One M9 goes up against a flame thrower [VIDEO]

May 20th - By now, we've been doing this Android thing long enough that we've seen all the drop tests we can stomach. Like some sick perversion, we need something a little more... extreme. Thankfully, the internet has no shortage of sadistic folks looking to destroy devices for our own personal amusement.

Verizon updates Samsung Galaxy Tab S 10.5 to Android 5.0.2 Lollipop

May 20th - After watching as both AT&T and T-Mobile pushed out Lollipop to the Samsung Galaxy Tab S 10.5, today we finally have Verizon following suit.

AllCast 2.0 brings a fresh Material design makeover [DOWNLOAD]

May 20th - Even when you're a developer as big as Koushik Dutta, getting your apps up to speed with Google's Material design isn't the easiest of tasks. Sometimes you need a little help and for AllCast 2.0, he got just that.

Brilliant idiot turns 16 years of selfies into epic time lapse [VIDEO]

May 20th - Brag all you want about your duckface... you're a rookie compared to this guy who took a selfie every day for 16 years and compiled them all into this mind-blowing video.

Google unveils limited edition Skrillex cases with matching live wallpapers for select Android devices

May 20th - In a somewhat un-Googley move, the internet search giant is unveiling a new line of specialty cases headed to their online storefront. The “Live Cases” as they’re being called were designed in collaboration with world-renown artist Skrillex and not only feature unique designs, but matching live wallpapers as well.

Keep your data and online activity secure with 2 years of NordVPN for $39

May 20th - The internet can be a scary place. People can track your location, hack your personal accounts, and even steal your identity. Sometimes you might want to browse the web with a little more privacy.

Verizon Test Engineer claims Android 5.1 Lollipop is coming to Droid Turbo in mid-June

May 20th - Motorola previously confirmed that the DROID Turbo would leapfrog the base Lollipop build and go straight to the more stable 5.1, but when? A reputable Verizon test engineer claims it'll happen mid-June.

Deal: Verizon’s 1st Gen Moto G (without LTE) is just $20 at Best Buy

May 20th - Well, you're probably not going to find a better deal on a capable smartphone than what Best Buy has up today. They have put Verizon's 1st Gen Moto G up for $20 without a contract, which is an absolute steal of a price when you consider what's inside this thing.

Spotify Running Mode detects the rhythm of your feet and picks music to match

May 20th - The most exciting new feature Spotify announced is for runners: Spotify now has a mode that will detect your running pace, the rhythm of your feet, and select songs that perfectly match the way you run.

Download: AdBlock Plus releases an ad-blocking browser app for Android

May 20th - AdBlock has never been in the browser business beyond providing plugins to help you get rid of ads, but the company is breaking the mold with their latest app. They have released a beta version of AdBlock Browser for Android.

Samsung chief JK Shin flat-out denies Galaxy Note 5 will get a July announcement

May 20th - Earlier this week, a rumor suggested Samsung would look to challenge the iPhone 6S by bringing the Samsung Galaxy Note 5's launch a lot sooner than we're expecting. The rumor suggested a July revelation instead of Samsung taking to their , usual stage at IFA Berlin in September. And those rumors are now rubbish.

LG planning to launch a second flagship smartphone in 2015

May 20th - Samsung won't be the only South Korean company to launch two flagship smartphones this year. Focus Taiwan reports that LG is looking to introduce another flagship device in the second half of 2015.

Oppo R7 and Oppo R7 Plus officially unveiled with full metal unibody design

May 20th - Oppo sat a bunch of us tech journos down in a nice Beijing hall earlier today and revealed their latest smartphones -- the Oppo R7 and Oppo R7 Plus. These are perhaps the most compelling smartphones we've seen from Oppo yet as they've gone great lengths to ensure the devices' premium status.

We’re live at OPPO’s 10 year celebration event, here comes the R7 and R7 Plus

May 20th - We’re live here on the ground floor of the AOYA Exhibition Center in beautiful Beijing, China to celebrate a decade worth of products from OPPO. It all started with the OPPO X3 MP3 player back in 2005 and the saga continues today with the announcement of the Oppo R7 and R7 Plus. Stay tuned to […]

Be among the first to download the Periscope Android App

May 19th - You can be among the first to download the new Periscope for Android App from the Google Play Store by following these simple steps for the company's instant e-mail notification.