New Kid

You can now buy the Moto Z2 Force in the US

It’s August 10th, and that means the Moto Z2 Force is now available for purchase. The device is available from all 4 of the major carriers in the United States.


7 Best Android apps for video calling

Video calling might not be as popular as it’s depicted in sci-fi movies, but it’s still a very valuable form of communication. Let’s take a look at the best Android apps for video calling.


Anker’s Eufey Genie is a $35 Echo Dot clone

Anker is hopping into the smart speaker ring with a $35 Echo Dot clone called Eufy Genie. It has fewer microphones than the Dot but features the same Alexa technology.

durable chromebook

Acer’s new Chromebook is a rugged beast

Most Chromebooks are super lightweight. That’s great for throwing in a bag for travel, but not if you happen to drop it. Acer’s new Chromebook 11 C771 is a rugged laptop that can take a fall and keep ticking.

Enter the Secret World

How to enable the secret Android Developer Options

The Developer Options is like a secret world for Android enthusiasts to do cool stuff. Not only can you speed up animations, but you can force all apps to do multi-window and much more.

Best of Phandroid

150+ Google and Android tips and tricks

Google has posted a master list of over 150 tips and tricks in an effort to get folks acclimated to their various products and services. That’s no small list, and it covers a wide range of things going from Gmail and Chrome to Android and YouTube.

Best of Phandroid

The 10 worst Android phones of all time

We thought it’d be fun to think about what the worst Android phones have been so far. My colleagues and I have had a fun time putting this list together and talking about what awarded each device’s spot in this list. Come check out some of the worst Android phones of all time!


It’s not just you: Google Hangouts isn’t working right now

Google Hangouts is currently experiencing issues in the US and other parts of the world. Messages aren’t going through and if you’re experiencing problems, you might want to try another messaging service in the meantime.