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Samsung strikes key licensing deals with Google, Ericsson

Jan 27th 2014 at 8:15am by Quentyn Kennemer

Samsung’s looking to secure the future of their mobile and electronics business with cross-licensing patent deals with two major industry players. It has been announced that the company has come to a 10-year agreement with Google for the two companies to use each other’s patents.

Android Overload: Customizable Motorola X-Phone, Nexus Smartwatch...

Mar 23rd 2013 at 9:34pm by Chris Chavez

Hey there, Phandroids. We had some technical difficulties yesterday and weren’t able to upload your Android Overload video of the week. We are back in the game now, though. Here is your weekly Android Overload roundup, as well as some stories that didn’t make it to our home page. Enjoy! Eric Schmidt uses a BlackBerry […]

Android Overload: ZTE Apache launching with 8-core processor, Par...

Nov 28th 2012 at 2:21am by Chris Chavez

Amazon, once again, accounts for most of its own top-sellers list with Kindle products. [Amazon] Yelp conducting “sting operations” to catch businesses who unfairly solicit positive reviews. [BusinessInsider] Outlook now available in the Play Store. It’s essentially Hotmail with a new icon. [Google Play] Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini launches on US Cellular as the LTE-equipped […]

Samsung says Android’s multi-touch isn’t as good as i...

Sep 8th 2012 at 7:25pm by Edgar Cervantes

Just when you think these patent lawsuits are starting to calm down, more drama comes around. Samsung and Apple are now going at it in the Netherlands, disputing over “touch event model” multi-touch software – it basically stops users from accidentally tapping two buttons at once. According to Apple, Samsung has taken iOS’ functionality to […]

Sprint Voices Concerns On Smartphone Injunctions – Admits T...

Jul 11th 2012 at 11:07pm by Chris Chavez

Yesterday, we told you guys about a “security update” rolling out to the Samsung Galaxy S3 on Sprint which featured the all new and unimproved Google Search app. The update, while fixing some issues with Google Wallet, essentially stripped out the universal search function, no longer allowing GS3 users to use the search app to […]