Ting’s GSM service now in open beta, pay only what you use per month on T-Mobile’s network

Feb 24th - For those that were interested in giving Ting a shot but were turned off by the prospect of having to put up with Sprint, they've officially announced that their new GSM service is officially in open beta. Pay only for what you use on T-Mobile's network.

Sony Xperia Z4 tablet leaked ahead of Mobile World Congress with 2K display, ‘ultra fast processor’

Feb 24th - Sony Xperia Z4 Tablet leaks ahead of Mobile World Congress thank to the Xperia Lounge app. Could we see more Xperia Z4 devices during next week's show?

@Upleaks Twitter account goes offline shortly after leaking HTC One M9 promo videos [WTF]

Feb 24th - And just like that, @upleaks has mysteriously disappeared from the world of Twitter. His account -- and all his tweets -- were taken offline less than an hour after he posted videos of what could be the upcoming HTC One M9.

Samsung Norway takes Galaxy S6 rumors and turns them into crazy, off-the-wall concepts

Feb 24th - By now, we've all heard a lot of crazy rumors regarding #TheNextGalaxy (Samsung Galaxy S6). Samsung Norway has been listening too, taking some of these rumors -- some crazy, others not so much -- and having some fun with them, transforming them into some pretty elaborate concept devices.

Palabre might be the most beautiful Material RSS/Feedly reader [VIDEO]

Feb 24th - There are tons of excellent Feedly apps available in the Google Play Store. Palabre is a new app created by LevelUp Studio, the same team behind Beautiful Widgets, Plume, and Bright Weather. If you use any of those app you know that Palabre is going to be a quality app.

Watch all 3 leaked HTC One M9 promo videos showing familiar One M8 design, new theme engine, and more [MIRROR]

Feb 24th - After leaking promo images of the HTC One M9 earlier today, @upleaks teased that videos were also incoming to cast away any doubt as to the legitimacy of his leaks. As promised, @upleaks delivered, posting 3 separate promo videos showing the HTC One M9 carrying that all too familiar One M8 design.

$150 off the LG G3, award-winning movie sale, and more [Android Deals]

Feb 24th - This week at T-Mobile you can get $150 off the LG G3, plus Kindle tablet sale at Best Buy and an opportunity to catch up on award-winning movies past and present. Those and more in this weeks roundup of deals on Android devices, accessories, apps, games, and media.

[Update] Even more renders suggest the HTC One M9 will look just like the HTC One M8

Feb 24th - Another promotional render of the HTC One M9 has been leaked by @upleaks, who believes it's the real deal. They're so sure, in fact, that they've promised to bring another piece of evidence more strong than anything else -- video.

Don’t forget to sign up for IDEAA’s Big Android Meat and Greet in Washington DC April 4th

Feb 24th - IDEAA today formally announced their history, their mission and their future, and now is a good time to remind you to sign up for the Big Android Meat and Greet in Washington DC April 4th.

LG Watch Urbane’s beauty shines through in latest promo video

Feb 24th - The LG Watch Urbane -- which is crafted mostly of metal -- looks downright gorgeous, and LG reminds us of that in its latest promo video.

This is Pebble Time, a color e-paper smart watch with week-long battery life

Feb 24th - That teasing little countdown timer on Pebble's website has finally expired, and the announcement we've been waiting for has been made. Pebble today introduced Pebble Time, their next generation e-Ink smart watch with a color display.

Sony Xperia E4 gets a 4G LTE upgrade

Feb 24th - Sony has announced the Sony Xperia E4g. It's a refreshed version of yesteryear's Sony Xperia E4, except this one comes with LTE on board.

Previously iOS-only, Twitter’s ‘While you were away’ feature officially makes its way to Android

Feb 23rd - The previously announced 'While you were away" feature for Twitter finally arrives on Android. Now you can get a recap of any important tweets you missed while doing other, more important things.

Someone got the Moto 360 (Android Wear) working with the iPhone 6 (iOS) [VIDEO]

Feb 23rd - In true Android fashion, one developer managed to get his Motorola Moto 360 to play nice with the iPhone 6. As shown in a quick video demo, we get a quick peek at message being received on an iPhone 6, then the notification being displayed on the Moto 360.

T-Mobile launches Software Updates page to help you keep track of device updates

Feb 23rd - T-Mobile is just one carrier looking to help take the guesswork out of things, with T-Mobile Product Manager Des Smith tweeting out a link to T-Mobile's all new Software Updates page.