Take 2 minutes to sign up for a free Conan O’Brien virtual reality cardboard headset

Jun 26th - What do you do if you want your Conan in VR but don't have a headset? You take 2 minutes out of your fine Friday afternoon and request a free one, of course.

The Confederate flag is being purged from app stores everywhere in light of hate crime

Jun 26th - When a mass shooting that seems to be motivated by racial hate happens, you can expect it to make ripples throughout nearly all the lands, including app stores.

Motorola invites DROID Turbo users to new soak test; is it finally Lollipop?

Jun 26th - It's coming, folks. Motorola has sent soak test notifications to Motorola DROID Turbo users informing them that they can participate in an early trial of an upcoming software upgrade.

Deal: Grab the ASUS ZenWatch for $50 off at Best Buy

Jun 26th - Best Buy is holding a quick sale on the ASUS ZenWatch. It's $50 off its usual price of $200, meaning you'll walk away with one for just $150.

Samsung could manufacture Qualcomm’s 3GHz Snapdragon 820

Jun 26th - Qualcomm's Snapdragon 820 chipset is expected be quite a treat. The sour taste in folks' mouths from the Snapdragon 810 might be assuaged by new rumors that the forthcoming 820 will be manufactured by Samsung.

You can now buy SanDisk’s 200GB microSD card for $239 at Amazon

Jun 26th - SanDisk's insane 200GB microSD card is now available for purchase. You can grab one for as little as $239 over at Amazon.

HTC Aero looks to be the company’s new hero device launching later this year

Jun 25th - HTC's CEO said the company has a new hero device planned for the end of the year. According to famed tipsters @evleaks and @upleaks, this device could be known internally as the HTC Aero.

Spotify update finally brings Android Wear support, now available on Google Play

Jun 25th - It was almost a month ago that Spotify announced their intentions to bring Android Wear support to their application in June. Earlier today, Spotify was updated on the Google Play Store and yes, it finally brings that smartwatch compatibility you've been craving.

Sonic Runners is now available for everyone on Google Play

Jun 25th - Sonic Runners is yet another one of those endless runner titles and has a sort of "retro" cell-shaded look to it. It initially launched in some regions as a first test run, but today it's finally available globally. More details provided in the post.

Become an elite programmer with the 2015 Learn to Code Bundle

Jun 25th - Have you ever wanted to learn to code? AndroidArea.com is making it simple by offering you the chance to get schooled up on back-end coding right from your computer.

Amazon is offering 22 Android apps and games worth over $50 for free, including Monument Valley

Jun 25th - Fancy some free games and apps that normally cost you coin? Amazon has a bundle of them going for free today. There are 22 in all, and buying the whole lot would normally set you back just over $50.

OnePlus 2 reveal date announced, launch event will be streamed in VR

Jun 25th - We were expecting OnePlus to unveil another hardware component of the upcoming OnePlus 2 today but instead, the company revealed something else. Broadcasted onto (where else) but their forum and usual social media channels, OnePlus announced the reveal date for the OnePlus 2.

Google Hangouts has been pre-installed over 1 billion times

Jun 25th - Apps like Facebook, WhatsApp and more recently, Facebook Messenger, have all joined the 1 billion downloads club and that's saying something. When it's a pre-installed Google app? Not so much.

The Nintendo NX could emulate Android games [RUMOR]

Jun 25th - Dreams of a Nintendo gaming console running Android may be dashed for the moment, but new rumors suggest the company will look to use Android in some way.

Mobile Roar 98: Google Play Music goes free, Pebble Time first impressions, and cracked phones

Jun 25th - Google Play Music radio is now free, take that Taylor Swift. We also get to talk about Chris' first impressions of the Pebble Time, and his story about breaking yet another phone.