What’s the Samsung Deft? Trademark sparks questions as mysterious smartphone surfaces in India

Dec 23rd - Samsung has marched into the USPTO with a new trademark filing on hand, and this one is a bit odd. They've registered for the character mark "Deft," and have it listed under one category and one category alone: mobile phones and smartphones. What ever could it be?

Samsung begins mass producing first 20nm 4GB LPDDR2 8gigabit RAM for mobile devices

Dec 23rd - Samsung's taken it upon themselves to get the train rolling on 20nm 4GB RAM chips for mobile devices. The South Korean company's silicon division has announced that they are the first to begin mass producing a new LPDDR2 configuration of 8gigabit RAM in quantities of 4GB.

TeamWin Recovery Project update brings smorgasbord of changes and fixes

Dec 23rd - Everyone's favorite touch-activated custom recovery has received another big update, and it brings with it a lot of key changes, bug fixes and improvements that you should be dying to get your hands on. The new version -- numbered -- brings a healthy list of changes.

Humble Noodlecake Bundle offers up 9 of the dev’s beloved games

Dec 23rd - Noodlecake seems to come out with a great new game every single week, and now you can get bunches of them in one low-priced package thanks to the latest Humble Bundle offering. A grand total of 9 of the developers' premium games are being offered

T-Mobile CEO John Legere wishes everyone a Happy Holidays in his own bleeped up way [VIDEO]

Dec 23rd - T-Mobile's CEO John Legere seems to have been infused with a bit of Christmas spirit. The brash face of Magenta posted a video to Twitter wishing everyone a happy holidays with a nice poem sitting aside a roasty fire place. Well, it was nice if you weren't one of the three major carriers T-Mobile's contending with, anyway.

Watch out Uber: Lyft now lets you split payments with up to 5 friends

Dec 22nd - It was one of Lyft’s most long requested features: allowing you to split a ride with friends or family so that nobody is stuck footing an entire bill. This has actually been one of the reasons many stick to Uber when traveling across town in groups, but starting today, you can finally split a ride […]

Next gen ASUS ZenFone outed in official documentation, to be unveiled at CES 2015?

Dec 22nd - ASUS is no stranger to unveiling new devices at CES and it looks like this year will be no different. Earlier today, the Taiwanese manufacturer was teasing a new smartphone on both YouTube and their Facebook page, but wouldn’t provide any details until the phone’s big reveal at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show. Now, perhaps […]

Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic is now available on Android

Dec 22nd - It's happened. Star Wars: Nights of the Old Republic has finally arrived on Android devices. Special 50% off for a limited time introductory offer.

PSA: Some people have $20 Google Play Store credit waiting for them inside the Chromecast app

Dec 22nd - Just a little heads up, some people are finding Google Play Store credit tucked inside their Chromecast app. Check yours and see if you're one of the lucky ones.

Get up to 90% off a handful of great games as part of Google Play holiday sale

Dec 22nd - It has begun. You can find a handful of awesome Android games on sale in the Google Play Store for up to 90% off.

Gift-a-Day Giveaway contest winners announced! [VIDEO]

Dec 22nd - Exactly 20 days ago we kicked off our Gift-a-Day Giveaway. Since then we've watched thousands of entries pour in from all over. Today we will finally announce the winners!

LG G Pad X trademark suggests LG is working on a hot new Android tablet

Dec 22nd - LG has crept into the USPTO with another trademark, but this time it doesn't tell of some weird accessory or a new app. They've coined the name "G Pad X," which could be a hot new tablet that finally threatens the high-end scene.

ASUS posts CES teaser on Facebook, and it seems to reveal a phone with rear buttons

Dec 22nd - ASUS looks to be bringing a brand new device to CES with them. The Taiwanese company posted a teaser on Facebook suggesting as much, with a quick shot of a phone being revealed in a 10-second teaser spot. The video obviously doesn't reveal much, though the bit we are able to see makes us quite curious.

Amazon GoldBox deal of the day takes 30% off the Kindle Fire HDX 8.9-inch

Dec 22nd - If you haven't gotten an Amazon Kindle Fire HDX 8.9 for Christmas by now, here's one of your last chances to get one on the cheap. Amazon has taken 30% off the cost of all models of the device, including WiFi-only, 4G LTE and GSM versions in storage capacities between 32GB and 64GB.

Want the Samsung Gear VR but don’t have a Galaxy Note 4? [Updated with comment from Samsung]

Dec 22nd - The Gear VR is designed to work with only one smartphone from Samsung’s stable of many: the Galaxy Note 4. Obviously, that leaves a large majority of the Android-toting population squarely stuck in their non-virtual realities. What if there was a way to get the Samsung Gear VR to work with other devices?