Android Deals: Nexus 4 for $150, Worms on sale, and more

Nov 18th - Another week, another set of great deals. Check out how you can keep some extra dough in your pockets this week by taking a gander at the deals inside.

Top 10 Android Lollipop Features [VIDEO]

Nov 18th - Android 5.0 Lollipop is finally here. Most Nexus users already have Lollipop, but Motorola, LG, and other OEMs aren't far behind. When you get this shiny new update you'll probably be wondering what it can do. The short answer: a lot. The Lollipop changelog is massive, but we've got you covered. Here is our list of the Top 10 Android Lollipop features.

Samsung’s Black Friday 2014 Deals: Up to $150 off Android tablets, $50 off Chromebook and more

Nov 18th - Samsung has posted their Black Friday event for the upcoming shop-til-you-drop (literally for figuratively) day. Among a sea of televisions, printers and digital cameras are a selection of Android tablets on sale.

Developers can now start using Android Auto APIs to create apps for smart cars

Nov 18th - Google has just announced availability of the API for Android Auto, their platform for in-car dashes featuring the lovely operating system. Find out what developers have access to starting today.

20,000mAh of on-demand battery power can be yours with this exclusive deal

Nov 18th - What happens when increasingly large smartphone batteries can’t be sufficiently brought up to charge using a standard portable battery pack? You bring out the big guns. Namely, Limefuel’s LP200X.

APK Download: Google Play Services update lets you used trusted locations for Smart Lock on Android Lollipop

Nov 18th - Android 5.0 Lollipop's Smart Lock feature is great for giving you the ability to keep your phone unlocked when using it near a trusted Bluetooth or NFC-equipped device, but another new element has arrived thanks to today's upgrade to Google Play Services. You can now set up "Trusted Places" so that your phone can be easily accessed only when you're in specific areas.

Check your inboxes: Nexus 6 orders from Google Play begin shipping

Nov 18th - We've received a few reports this morning that the Nexus 6 has started shipping from Google Play. Be sure to check your inbox to see if yours has gone out!

TeamWin’s Recovery Project (TWRP) now available for the Nexus 9 Volantis

Nov 18th - Rooters and developers who prefer to use TeamWin Recovery Project (affectionately known as TWRP), listen up -- you can now get it on your Nexus 9. The alternative recovery will give you a full touch interface if you aren't a fan of using volume rockers and power buttons to do your bidding

Nokia Z Launcher goes into open beta and finds a home in Google Play

Nov 18th - With the announcement of Nokia's very first Android tablet, the company also had some other great news to share this morning. The Nokia Z Launcher is now in open beta and available for download via the Google Play Store.

The “new” Nokia reveals the N1, their first Android tablet… and it looks just like an iPad Mini

Nov 18th - Microsoft integrated Nokia's core devices team into their operations and spun the company off to do their own thing we didn't know what to expect, but the answer has been made clear today. They've been working on an Android tablet, and it looks just like an iPad Mini.

AT&T gives 5GB bonus to 10GB Mobile Share Value plans, limited time only

Nov 17th - Just in time for the holidays, AT&T's $100 10GB Mobile Share Value plan is about to get a 5GB bump -- but only for a limited.

SUPER is a fun new app from the guy who helped create Twitter


Google Keep finally gets note sharing for collaborating with others, here’s how to activate it

Nov 17th - Google Keep (finally) allows you to share notes with friends/family for group collaborating. It's still rolling out to everyone (no app update needed), but you can activate it early with a few easy steps.

Snapchat dives head first into mobile payments with Snapcash [VIDEO]

Nov 17th - Announced moments ago in a blog post, an update to the everyone's favorite self-destructing messaging app will soon allow users to quickly and easily send each other cash by connecting a debit card to their account.

First 15 things every Nexus 9 owner should do

Nov 17th - Picked up (or plan on picking up) a Nexus 9 for the holidays? Here's the first 15 things you should do upon opening your shiny new tablet.