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Unlocked AT&T BlackBerry PRIV units will now get updates from BlackBerry

Oct 18th - With the many unlocked AT&T BlackBerry PRIV units floating about thanks to aggressive deals, the Waterloo company doesn’t want to leave those folks in the dark. A new update for the PRIV establishes a new update path — one that’ll come straight from BlackBerry, not AT&T.


AT&T will offer low-rate display repair service starting November 15th

Oct 17th - AT&T is launching a new device repair service for those who can’t seem to keep their phones in their pockets and hands. Starting November 15th, repairs for cracked displays can be had on select devices for just $89, granted you have AT&T insurance. To be clear, AT&T — and many other carriers — already offer …


AT&T, Verizon and T-Mobile stop selling the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 as replacement units explode

Oct 10th - AT&T, Verizon and T-Mobile are no longer selling the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 in the US and Telstra, a service provider in Australia, has decided to temporarily pause shipments of the replacement Note 7 to its customers. Samsung is currently investigating the explosion of an alleged replacement Note 7 which went up in smoke onboard a Southwest Airlines plane …