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Samsung KQ prototype rumored to be the Galaxy S5 we all wanted with QHD display, Exynos 5430

Apr 22nd - Samsung could be looking to rectify the shortcomings of the Galaxy S5 with a new device rumored to be on the way. SamMobile has caught wind of a user agent profile detailing a phone codenamed the Samsung "KQ."

HTC One M8 DotView case hack could bring support for more notifications

Apr 22nd - Prominent developer Shen Ye posted an image to Google+ showing the HTC One M8's DotView case lit up with a Twitter notification, something we certainly don't get out of its stock capabilities.

NVIDIA SHIELD 2 benchmark shows Tegra K1 and 4GB of RAM

Apr 22nd - NVIDIA's still working on pushing SHIELD to more consumers, but you'd be a fool to think they aren't working on their follow-up behind the scenes. The NVIDIA SHIELD 2 is expected to be quite the doozy, but we didn't know what to expect... until today.

HTC One M8 Mini rumored to be making its way to Verizon

Apr 22nd - We await more information on what the HTC One M8 Mini will bring us, but we might have our first clue of where it's headed. The latest leak says Verizon will get dibs on the miniature version of HTC's 2014 flagship.

LG G Watch in ‘Champagne Gold’ pictured, will feature always-on display

Apr 21st - LG is showing off their G Watch in a new color -- you guessed it -- gold. They're also providing a few extra details about their smartwatch, mentioning it will have an always-on display and feature water resistance.

Google tweets screenshot of new Dialer app complete with blue accents

Apr 21st - Hey, look at that. Google's Nexus account may have inadvertently tweeted out a picture of a new Dialer app, complete with blue accent bar. What do you think?

Sony Xperia Z2 Tablet now available for pre-order, begins shipping on May 3rd

Apr 21st - Those of you who have been eyeballing Sony's new Xperia Z2 Tablet (we don't blame you), the tablet with the stereo front facing speakers is now available for pre-order direct from Sony.

Super low-priced Moto E launching in the coming weeks [RUMOR]

Apr 21st - The Moto E is reportedly going to launch in the coming weeks. Expect a dual-core processor, and limited internal storage (but micro SD expansion). KitKat for everyone!

This Project Ara dual-analog controller concept has us licking our chops

Apr 21st - This concept controller module for Project Ara module looks amazing. Imagine snapping one of these onto the back of your phone for those intense gaming sessions?

Alleged Samsung Galaxy S5 Prime (SM-G906S) appears in India

Apr 21st - The alleged higher-end Samsung Galaxy S5 "Prime" has appeared in an Indian shipping manifest. Do rumors of a super premium Galaxy S5 have more legs to stand on?

The truth about the Galaxy S5 IP67 Water Resistant Certification

Apr 21st - What does the Samsung Galaxy S5 IP67 Certification mean for your phone? Is it waterproof? Just water resistant? Can you take it in the rain, shower, or swimming? Find out what you can really expect based on IP67 technical specifications.

HTC is now keeping us up-to-date on Sense 6 progress with their new update page

Apr 21st - Having successfully rolled out KitKat to a variety of their handsets across multiple carriers in the US, HTC Is now focusing on Sense 6. You can now keep track of everything via their new status update page.

New Hangouts update brings merged SMS/Hangout conversations, widget and more

Apr 21st - Quick app update for those of you who have taken a liking to Hangouts after recent updates. The first big change you'll want to know about is that you can finally merge Hangouts and SMS conversations.

Forthcoming Glassware update brings new calendar app to Google Glass

Apr 21st - Google is preparing some great changes for Google Glass Explorers following last week's big, long-awaited update. This time, MyGlass is getting some new wares, including a brand new calendar app!

Microsoft, Nokia to seal their big deal this Friday

Apr 21st - It's official, folks -- Microsoft and Nokia are expecting to close their big acquisition April 25th, with the former swallowing up the latter in a $7.2 billion blockbuster deal.

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