13 best not-so-Christmas movies you can watch on Google Play right now

Dec 24th - We compiled a list of the our favorite not-so-Christmas themed movies you can stream right now on Google Play. Check 'em out!

Work off those holiday calories with the Striiv fitness tracker, only $55 at AndroidArea.com

Dec 24th - Hanukkah parties, Christmas parties, New Year’s parties. Perhaps multiples of each. The holidays are full of much revelry and cheer. They are also full of plenty of food and drink. If you are planning to overindulge a bit this season, plan to get a jump on that resolution to stay fit in 2015 with the help of the Striiv Fusion smartwatch and fitness tracker.

You can now rent or buy The Interview, the movie that drove North Korea mad, on Google Play

Dec 24th - There were reports Google was gearing up to offer The Interview on Google Play and YouTube for your enjoyment, but those reports have turned into reality.

What are the best free Android games to play offline during holiday travel?

Dec 24th - Whenever holidays approach, members on Android Forums start looking for the best android games that don’t need internet connection. If you’ve got holiday road trips planned, here are some games you should consider downloading in advance.

Solid Explorer 2.0 alpha released, and it brings Material Design in the biggest way

Dec 24th - Solid Explorer has always been, well, solid. In fact, it's always been more than solid, and its developer has always tried to stay true to Android's design standards and practices. That's no less true after today's big Material Design upgrade.

Samsung’s flagship London store has been shut down

Dec 24th - Samsung's aspirations to have a network of retail stores like their big rival out in Cupertino may have been dashed if their latest action is any indication. It's been revealed that the company has shut down their flagship Samsung Experience retail shop in London.

Samsung is bored, so they built a snowman using Samsung Galaxy S5s

Dec 24th - Everyone has their own little thing they like to do to get into the holiday spirit, and for some people, that little thing is taking $700 retail units of their Samsung Galaxy S5 an stuffing them into piles of snow.

Google says Android developers can no longer include user testimonials in Play Store listings

Dec 23rd - We're sure you've seen more than a few apps including "user testimonials" in their Play Store listings. But now, Google is putting an end to it.

Michael Bublé’s entire Christmas album is now free on Google Play

Dec 23rd - Pick up Michael Bublé's Christmas album (Deluxe Special Edition) for free right now on Google Play. Tis the season.

Samsung shows off limited edition leather-backed Galaxy Alpha

Dec 23rd - Samsung slapped some leather on the Galaxy Alpha for a limited edition model for France. Comes in four alligator-like colors.

LG G3 allegedly explodes, battery burns hole right through teen’s bed

Dec 23rd - Uh oh. Another story of one unlucky user's phone spontaneously combusting. This time, it was an LG G3.

Deal: 20% off any HTC.com smartphone for the next week and a half #HTCHotDeals

Dec 23rd - HTC's #HotDeals for the holiday season will soon wind down, but HTC wanted to go out on one last big (and long) bang. Today's deal takes 20% off any smartphone that can be bought on HTC.com, including the HTC One M8, the HTC One Remix or the HTC Desire Eye.

Samsung confirms Android 5.0 Lollipop for the Galaxy Note 2

Dec 23rd - It's over 2 years old, but Samsung is apparently doing Galaxy Note 2 users a solid by updating them to the latest version of Android 5.0 Lollipop.

Boost Mobile introduces the ZTE Speed, a $99 off-contract Android phone

Dec 23rd - Boost Mobile has announced the ZTE Speed, a new $99 Android phone for folks that don't like doing business with contract carriers. That wad of bills will get you a full-fledged 1.2GHz quad-core Android phone with a 4.5-inch display.

The Big Android BBQ announces upcoming Alexandria, Virginia event, bring your flippy floppies

Dec 23rd - The minds behind one of the largest volunteer ran Android venues around, the Big Android BBQ, have announced an upcoming event this Spring. The first Big Android Meat & Greet took place last summer at Google IO 2014 and it looks like the follow up to that successful event will take place on April 4th in Alexandria, Virginia.