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Motorola wins decision against Microsoft in Germany for at least ...

Motorola hasn’t exactly fared well against Microsoft in Germany in these patent wars, but it has won at least one decision against the Seattle-based company. German courts ruled that Motorola didn’t infringe on a certain Microsoft patent that we are still trying to identify, and Motorola won’t be faced with any injunction woes for the […]

iPhone 5 vs Android: The Patent Troll Presentation

“This is unlike anything we or anyone else in our industry has made before,“ said Tim Cook regarding the iPhone 5 at Apple’s press conference in California today. That’s a bold statement considering the state of the current patent wars, with Apple filing silly lawsuits for things like making similarly shaped phones and having slide-to-unlock […]

Google files for motion-based gestures patent; control your devic...

If there is anything Google has learnt with the patent wars is to file for everything as soon as an idea starts to be implemented. And the latest patent filing from the Search Giant is looking very promising. The idea behind it is motion-based gestures, in which one can control a device without directly interacting […]

Apple complains about Motorola with European authorities, wants m...

After losing against Motorola, in a permanent injunction, Apple was requested 2.25% of all 3G Apple devices sold in exchange for patent licensing. If Apple’s profit numbers are considered, that percentage amounts to quite a hefty amount of cash. And Cupertino Giant is not commiting to anything until it knows that Motorola is being fair. […]

Trademark Wars: ChaCha, XOOM Taken to the Gauntlet

It’s nothing new to hear about patent and trademark infringements in the Android market. Whether it be OEMs or developers, someone’s registered patent or trademark is always being infringed upon. Even Google “stole” Android at some point. That’s been settled with some ridiculous amount of money, of course. And now HTC and Motorola find themselves […]

Round Two: HTC Countersues Apple for Infringing on Five Patents

And so the patent wars continue, as HTC today has announced that it will countersue Apple for infringing on five of their patents. This latest bit of patent flinging comes as a response to Apple’s original suit back in March challenging HTC for violating over 20 of the iPhone-maker’s patents, a case that attacks Google […]

Apple is suing Samsung for another $2 billion, and Google’s...

Apple still hates Samsung, as the Cupertino company has pulled Samsung into another high-profile patent dispute lawsuit seeking damages in the “billions” range.

Microsoft dashes dreams of Android-based Nokia phone by pulling a...

And there you have it, folks — any sliver of hope that Nokia would ever make a phone that runs Android have been shut down, as Microsoft has officially bought the company (particularly the wireless products and services business).

Election Day: Obama or Romney?

Everyone seems to have their opinion on election day topics, namely Obama or Romney in 2012, but it isn’t as often we see tech-focused websites weighing in. But over the last few days, that’s exactly what we’ve seen from some of our favorite online publications. Take PandoDaily for example, whose Farhad Manjoo recently published an […]

Microsoft bringing Google to court along with Motorola

The patent wars have been fierce and even annoying, to a certain point. Lawsuits are coming left and right, but until now Google has been left out of the court rooms. Even though they are the creators of Android, and sometimes the cause for these lawsuits. Microsoft is taking the next big step, though, and […]

China finally approves Google’s purchase of Motorola, but w...

Google’s acquisition of Motorola has seen a long process since it was first announced last August. The purchase has been given green light by the US and Europe, but China was taking its sweet time considering said acquisition. After a long wait, China has decided to approve said acquisition, but with one condition. China has […]

AT&T loses throttling case, pays $935 to angry customer

In the midst of patent wars and court pandemonium, we have a small win for the consumer. Last month, AT&T lost in a small claims court in California against Matt Spacarelli. AT&T was all set for appealing the ruling, but it seems it have decided to skip all of that and just pay up. Spacarelli […]

Android Overload: GO Launcher HD Beta, Samsung Galaxy S III bench...

Android Overload is where we bring you all the news that are interesting, but didn’t manage to make it to our main page. Today we have a flurry of good news that might be of interest to you. So make sure to look through them and see if there may be anything that calls your […]

5 Things I Want to See Out of the Google/Motorola Marriage

When news broke Monday that Google would be acquiring Motorola Mobility, a rush of glee rushed through my body and I started imagining all the great things that would come from the acquisition. And then I read the press release. Right now, Google’s playing this with the patent angle – Motorola has 17,000 of them […]

Android Attacked By Microsoft & Nokia’s Strategic Unde...

The mobile patent wars continue to escalate and as Barnes & Noble is fighting back against Microsoft and Nokia, only this time, B&N are putting their foot on the ground in the name of the entire Android universe. The Book and Nook seller has responded to a patent infringement suit by Microsoft that aims to […]