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Oppo N1 CyanogenMod Edition now available for $600, source code in tow

Oppo N1 review | Discuss the Oppo N1 at AndroidForums.com’s Oppo N1 section! CyanogenMod Inc has just announced that the CyanogenMod Edition of the Oppo N1 is now available for $599. The CyanogenMod edition of this phone is pretty much identical to the version we reviewed hardware-wise (keep reading for specs), but software will obviously differ as this puppy […]

First Google-certified CyanogenMod phone, the Oppo N1, on sale 12/24 [VIDEO]

As the end of the month draws near, the limited edition version of the Oppo N1 with CyanogenMod promised for December will go on sale next week.

Oppo N1 now available for $599

Oppo promised the N1 would be available for purchase unlocked in the US today, and that promise was fulfilled. The Oppo N1 is now available for sale for $599. You can get the device in white in the 16GB configuration for that price, or opt for the 32GB model for $50 more.

Oppo N1 available in the US unlocked for $599 December 10th

Wondering when you can get your hands on the Oppo N1? Wonder no longer — the arrival date is December 10th, according to the official Google+ account of the Chinese company. Coming in at $599.99 unlocked, the Oppo N1 is the first phone to feature official support for flashing CyanogenMod ROMs.

Oppo N1’s CyanogenMod build will be the first to come with officially-licensed Google Apps

With CyanogenMod going “legit” with their new incorporation and teaming up with Oppo to provide CyanogenMod for the N1, the company decided it was time to stop beating around the bush and get hooked up with the official licenses and other legal necessities to have Gapps distributed with CyanogenMod. What does this mean?

Oppo N1 Review, a massive Android phone packed with unique hardware

Oppo’s N1 was built with the utmost quality in mind, boasting an elegant look and feel, an innovative camera, and a battery that just won’t quit. If you need a large screened phone with an impressive camera, and don’t need LTE connectivity, the Oppo N1 might be for you.

Oppo N1 First Look and Hands On

The N1 from Chinese based Oppo looks to bring innovation back to the mobile phone scene. The N1 boasts a gorgeous display, a high quality and very unique camera, as well as other unique features such as gesture controls, rear controls and of course the O-Click Bluetooth accessory. We go hands on with the Oppo N1 to give you a first look.

Limited edition OPPO N1 with CyanogenMod shipping internationally this December

OPPO N1 with CyanogenMod pre-installed announced as limited edition run shipping internationally this December. For the same price as the original, users get the popular Android ROM plus several bundled goodies.

Mobile Roar Podcast: Chris buys an iPhone, iPhone 5s lightning review, never mix urine with bleach

In this week’s Mobile Roar podcast, we talk about Microsoft’s cool new “Cortana” virtual assistant that could be making its way to Windows Phone, Kevin gives his thoughts on the iPhone 5s, Edgar reminds us the dangers of mixing bleach with urine, and we take a break from tech news to talk briefly about Burger […]

Oppo N1 announced with rotating camera & official support for flashing CyanogenMod

While we’d heard Oppo would be bringing a new high end smartphone to the masses, it has finally been made official. It’s the Oppo N1, a 5.9 inch smartphone with a Snapdragon 600 processor sitting inside. This unique device features a 13 megapixel rotating camera that can be horizontally swiveled for up to 260 degrees of range. Oh, and you can install CyanogenMod on it!

Cyanogen teases “exciting news ahead” for upcoming Oppo N1 announcement

Relatively new to the Android smartphone market, Chinese manufacturer Oppo has always been refreshingly developer friendly when it came to their current flagship — the Oppo Find 5. A beautiful blend of premium build quality and high-end specs, Oppo had no problems creating their own developer forums where tech-savvy users can get the support they […]

OPPO N1 pictured in the wild, infograph provides details on rear touch controls

Electronics manufacturer OPPO is one of a few smartphone makers out of China who’s quality Android hardware has helped make a name for themselves in other parts of the world. You may remember when the Oppo Finder (at the time, the world’s thinnest smartphone) made headlines after it was demonstrated that the device’s construction was […]