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Mobile Roar 60: Round and Round

This week we’re talking about new round (and square) smartwatches for IFA, poor Amazon Fire Phone sales, exploding OnePlus One, Swing Copters drama, and much more!

OnePlus looking to get off the invite system by October, but is that too late?

OnePlus hopes to wash their hands of this invite stuff at some point in October. That much was confirmed in an Ask Me Anything session over at the Android subreddit.

Is that a OnePlus One that exloded in your pants, or are you just happy to see me?

OnePlus One spontaneously combusted in its owners pants. It’s tough to say, but it looks to have something to do with a faulty, overheating charger. Be careful.

OnePlus manages to put on a respectable contest: share a photo and win 1 of 10,000 invites

OK, so OnePlus’s last contest didn’t quite work out the way they wanted. Sweep it under the rug, they shall. The broom they’ll use to sweep? Another contest — one with up to 10,000 invites to buy a OnePlus One up for grabs.

OnePlus takes down ‘Ladies First’ contest, looks for suggestions on how to better get women involved in tech

After Cyanogen Inc. attempted to distance themselves from the fiasco, OnePlus has officially taken down their “Ladies First” contest. Those that participated (despite outcry) will be contacted for prizes.

OnePlus “Ladies First” invite contest adds sexism as another embarrassing black eye to eCommerce

you weren’t already annoyed by the fact that you’d need an invite to buy a OnePlus One, you were probably ticked off at the environmentally irresponsible Phone Smash idea. If that didn’t quite get under your skin, OnePlus has come up with another “genius” contest that’s bound to stir up some foul press.

OnePlus One 30O update brings Android 4.4.4 and tons of fixes and changes

OnePlus owners can look forward to an even more stable phone today as a new update has started rolling out to handsets. Version 30O — which is still CyanogenMod 11S-based — brings us Android 4.4.4 and all the fixes and changes that come with it.

OnePlus announces Bamboo StyleSwap Cover and a 5,000 invite giveaway

Some pretty big news has rolled out of the OnePlus camp this morning. For starters, they’ve unveiled their new Bamboo StyleSwap Cover, and they’ve also made more purchase invites available.

Expensive OnePlus One RMAs over yellowed LCD displays spark outrage

For the few of you able to purchase the OnePlus One, anyone noticed the yellow band towards the bottom of the display? If you have, getting a replacement might not be as easy as you think.

OnePlus Two tipped by @evleaks, codename is… Lettuce? [RUMOR]

There’s a handful of you still waiting on the OnePlus One to become available and the startup could already be planning for its sequel. It’s codename: LETTUCE. Yup, everything about this is odd.

OnePlus One and Cyanogen Inc commit to Android L, say it will arrive 3 months after final build

Shouldn’t come as much of a surprise (given who’s handling the software side of things), but if there was any doubt, the folks at OnePlus are committing to bringing Android L to the One within 3 months of a final release.

iFixIt teardown shows that the OnePlus One is built quite well

One thing I fear with small, startup manufacturers is that their manufacturing and assembly isn’t quite up to par. iFixIt gives us a look at how well-built the OnePlus One is in this latest teardown.

OnePlus ‘Storm of Invites’ promo will have you jumping through a few hoops for a chance at buying the phone

OnePlus now giving out 2,500 invites for the 64GB OnePlus One — you’ll just have to jump through a few hoops (or just 1) for a chance at snagging an invite. Are you going to participate?

This third-party retailer says they’re now shipping the OnePlus One… with a catch

While OnePlus is still trying to get OnePlus One invites out to consumers through giveaways and contests, one retailer says they already have some in stock and ready to ship right now.

OnePlus One gets dunked into a puddle of water, how did the $300 phone hold up? [VIDEO]

Watch as the OnePlus One gets dunked into a dirty puddle of water. How do you guys think the $300 phone stood up? You may be surprised…