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OnePlus announces Bamboo StyleSwap Cover and a 5,000 invite giveaway

Some pretty big news has rolled out of the OnePlus camp this morning. For starters, they’ve unveiled their new Bamboo StyleSwap Cover, and they’ve also made more purchase invites available.

Expensive OnePlus One RMAs over yellowed LCD displays spark outrage

For the few of you able to purchase the OnePlus One, anyone noticed the yellow band towards the bottom of the display? If you have, getting a replacement might not be as easy as you think.

OnePlus Two tipped by @evleaks, codename is… Lettuce? [RUMOR]

There’s a handful of you still waiting on the OnePlus One to become available and the startup could already be planning for its sequel. It’s codename: LETTUCE. Yup, everything about this is odd.

OnePlus One and Cyanogen Inc commit to Android L, say it will arrive 3 months after final build

Shouldn’t come as much of a surprise (given who’s handling the software side of things), but if there was any doubt, the folks at OnePlus are committing to bringing Android L to the One within 3 months of a final release.

iFixIt teardown shows that the OnePlus One is built quite well

One thing I fear with small, startup manufacturers is that their manufacturing and assembly isn’t quite up to par. iFixIt gives us a look at how well-built the OnePlus One is in this latest teardown.

OnePlus ‘Storm of Invites’ promo will have you jumping through a few hoops for a chance at buying the phone

OnePlus now giving out 2,500 invites for the 64GB OnePlus One — you’ll just have to jump through a few hoops (or just 1) for a chance at snagging an invite. Are you going to participate?

This third-party retailer says they’re now shipping the OnePlus One… with a catch

While OnePlus is still trying to get OnePlus One invites out to consumers through giveaways and contests, one retailer says they already have some in stock and ready to ship right now.

OnePlus One gets dunked into a puddle of water, how did the $300 phone hold up? [VIDEO]

Watch as the OnePlus One gets dunked into a dirty puddle of water. How do you guys think the $300 phone stood up? You may be surprised…

The mythical OnePlus One has started shipping

Earlier this week we wrote about the OnePlus One being delayed again due to software issues. A lot of fingers were pointed, but it seems they have resolved the issues. We’ve been seeing a lot of reports from lucky recipients that OnePlus has finally started shipping handsets.

Cyanogen Inc aims to fix recently discovered OpenSSL vulnerabilities before OnePlus One launch

The saga of OnePlus and their supposed flagship killer continues to spiral into odd corners of the Internet with the most recent murmurs coming from OnePlus themselves, announcing yet another delay. Thankfully, Cyanogen Inc is here to set the record straight.

OnePlus One delayed yet again due to software issues

The tide has shifted for OnePlus. They have had countless issues and delays with the OnePlus One. Prospective customers are getting impatient and upset. Unfortunately for OnePlus, yet another issue has delayed the phone again.

First wave of OnePlus One invites rolling out now

Heads up: the first round of OnePlus One invites are currently rolling out. Stop by the post and let us know if you’ve received yours yet.

OnePlus shows us how long it took rival OEMs to release devices after announcing

OnePlus is taking some heat after their attempt at damage control may have further rubbed some people the wrong way.

OnePlus is now selling invites to buy the OnePlus One on eBay

If you were annoyed by the “antics” OnePlus has resorted to for selling their first smartphone, then you might get a kick out of their latest actions. The company has decided to sell 15 invites to buy the phone on eBay.

Mobile Roar 46: Sour Patch Google

Has Google gone sour? The guys talk about the rumor that YouTube is interested in buying Twitch, and the negative reactions to that news. Would this have happened a couple years ago? Is Google+ to blame?