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OnePlus celebrates 1-year anniversary with open sale and a new 10,000mAh power bank

In case you didn’t know, it’s the one-year anniversary of OnePlus, and they’re doing something a little special to celebrate. For starters, they’ve put on another opportunity to buy the OnePlus One without an invite, and have also introduced their latest accessory.

Top 10 Android Stories of 2014

As the calendar gets closer to 2015 it’s time to look back and recap the past year. 2014 will go down as one of the most important years in the history of Android. Here are the top 10 Android stories from 2014.

Upcoming OnePlus One update will integrate MaxxAudio enhancements for greatly improved sound

OnePlus has announced a new forthcoming upgrade for the global version of their flagship handset, and it focuses on one big area of improvement that OnePlus and the CyanogenMod team felt they needed to address: audio.

OnePlus gives you another opportunity to buy a OnePlus One without an invite

Looks like OnePlus is giving folks another opportunity to buy their first flagship handset — the OnePlus One — for the holidays without needing to track down an invite.

Come One, come all: OnePlus One invite system abandoned for Black Friday

Many jokes have been made, sorrows endured, and laughter had over what many would call an abysmal promotional effort otherwise known as the OnePlus One invite system. We won’t bother digging into old wounds – we’ll let you do that on your own – and for now we’ll just celebrate the fact that OnePlus is abandoning their invite system for the day.

OnePlus shows off first retail store, announces Black Friday deals with deeper discounts for sharing

While jokes are still being made about the OnePlus One’s invite system, it hasn’t stopped the startup from opening up their very first retail store in China.

OnePlus posts details for second pre-sale opportunity November 17th

After OnePlus’s first attempt at pre-sales for the OnePlus One didn’t go so well, the company is looking to change things this time around. The next opportunity takes place for one hour beginning November 17th 11AM Eastern time.

Reminder: OnePlus One pre-sales begin at 8am pacific for one hour only

In case you forgot to set a reminder for yourself, here’s a quick one: the OnePlus One pre-order system goes live today beginning at 8am pacific. It lasts for just one hour so be sure to ready yourself!

OnePlus One pre-orders begin October 27th, and you can get started right now

OnePlus is nearly ready to kick off their pre-order system for the OnePlus One. The company has announced that pre-sales will open October 27th, giving you a chance to claim a device without having to hunt down an invite.

OnePlus and JBL team up for new affordable headphones

A $40 pair of headphones isn’t the most exciting bit of news to be had on a Monday morning, but OnePlus seems to be quite excited about a new partnership with JBL. The two have come together to introduce the JBL E1+.

OnePlus One update fixes annoying touchscreen responsiveness issues, adds cool new features

The OnePlus One has just received a nice firmware upgrade to version CM 11s 38R. The very first change we want to mention is a fix for touchscreen responsiveness that many users have complained about since the phone’s launch.

OnePlus giving away 20,000 invites to buy the OnePlus One, and there is no nonsense to be had

While OnePlus doesn’t expect to be able to provide handsets on order until early next year, the company has given plenty of chances to receive an invite to buy the phone. The latest chance pops up today as they’ve decided to give away 20,000 new invites.

OnePlus shows off One quality control facility and yes, there’s a sit test [VIDEO]

OnePlus has a quality control video of their own, highlighting the process that goes into testing the OnePlus One.

OnePlus 2 confirmed for Q2 or Q3 2015; OnePlus says they’re thinking about a smaller form factor

While the OnePlus One is still considered to be in its infancy and there are many upgrades and improvements to be made, the company has confirmed that they are already thinking about its sequel.

OnePlus asks users to settle for a device without swappable covers

More people are getting their hands on the OnePlus One, but they won’t be able to use one promised feature. After months and months of teasing bamboo, silk white, and sandstone black swappable back covers, OnePlus is pulling the plug. The reason? “Technical difficulties.”