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Half-Life 2: Episode One now available for NVIDIA Shield Tablet users

Something sweet has just arrived in the Google Play Store for NVIDIA SHIELD Tablet owners. As promised, NVIDIA and Valve have teamed up to release Half-Life 2: Episode One exclusively for SHIELD Tablet owners.

Samsung’s lawsuit against NVIDIA prompts blog post defending Tegra K1’s power versus Exynos

Many casual followers of the mobile industry might think Samsung vs Apple is the only battle going on these days, but the truth is that many of these companies have a lot more going on. Samsung and NVIDIA have their own differences to settle and that battle takes a big step today.

NVIDIA plans to upgrade the SHIELD Tablet to Android 5.0 Lollipop by the end of November

In a video demo of Android 5.0 Lollipop running on the NVIDIA SHIELD Tablet, the Santa Clara company confirmed that the upgrade would be headed to the tablet by the end of this month.

NVIDIA SHIELD Tablet begins shipping in the US and Canada today

Quick heads up to anyone who pre-ordered NVIDIA’s first Tegra K1 gaming tablet: the NVIDIA SHIELD Tablet (and the wireless controller that you can buy alongside it) ships starting today!

NVIDIA SHIELD Tablet with SHIELD Wireless Controller goes official [VIDEO]

We weren’t sure how long it would take the NVIDIA SHIELD Tablet to make its way out of the rumor mill and into the official news bin, but that question was answered this morning.

NVIDIA SHIELD Tablet and controller specs, pricing, and release date leaked in full detail

Guess the jig is up. NVIDIA’s upcoming SHIELD gaming tablet looks to have just been leaked in full detail. Only question we have now is whether or not they’ll be able to move any units based on these hardware specs.

This could be our first look at the upcoming NVIDIA Shield Tablet [LEAK]

NVIDIA Shield Tablet leak could give us our first look at the upcoming gaming centric tab. Stereo front facing speakers? Yes, please.

NVIDIA readying an Android gaming console of their own?

It’d be naive of us to think NVIDIA isn’t working on a successor to the SHIELD gaming handheld, and rumors are already swirling that NVIDIA is prepping a Tegra K1 gaming tablet. New rumors suggest yet another device could be headed our way.

NIVIDA SHIELD Tablet shows up in Global Certification Forum database

If NVIDIA’s mistaken listing of a “SHIELD Tablet” last month wasn’t enough evidence to suggest they’re working on bringing another powerful gaming device, perhaps today’s certification at the Global Certification Forum will.