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Microsoft finally puts the axe to Nokia’s Android lineup

The writing seemed to be on the wall for a long time, but it was finally made clear this morning — Nokia’s Android plans are officially dead.

Watch this guy publish an app to Nokia’s App Store while paragliding [VIDEO]

Nokia’s on a mission to let developers know how easy it is to publish apps to the Nokia Apps Store with a very eye-opening contest. The first entry shows a developer publishing an app while paragliding.

Is Nokia teasing a new Android phone?

It would be natural for anyone to believe the Nokia X family is Nokia’s first and last line of Android products, what with them being fully and officially owned by Microsoft, and all. But there’s a possibility that they could be continuing their modest trek into Android territory.

Nokia X garners 1 million pre-orders in China

The Nokia X might not have been the Android phone we hoped for, but it sure seems like the Android phone many people want. Nokia is reporting heavy interest in the handset in China, pointing to pre-order sales figures of over 1 million devices in that country.

Nokia X arrives in India March 15th

The Nokia X won’t be coming the the United States, but it will be headed to several other locations around the world. One such country is India, where it has been announced that the X will touch down on March 15th.

More Nokia X apps get ported to Android devices

More of Nokia’s applications have been ported over to devices with Android 4.1.2 or higher. Many of them don’t require anything but a simple APK installation, though you will need to root for at least one of these. Full list is inside!

Nokia X rooted, Google Apps installed to make it more useful

The Nokia X was announced last week with a full set of Nokia and Microsoft services, completely lacking Google’s widely recognized applications that make Android into the behemoth of an operating system that it is today. The usefulness of the Nokia X was questioned and now Android hackers have done what they do best, customizing devices, increasing their usefulness.

8 biggest announcements of Mobile World Congress 2014

#MWC2014 has come and gone, leaving behind it a trail of highly anticipated mobile releases. With big announcements from Samsung, LG, Sony, and more, we’re running down our favorites. If you missed any of our coverage throughout the week, these are the smartphones (and smartwatches) you need to know about.

Nokia pees in their pants

Several years ago, Nokia likened using Android to peeing your points. Today, Nokia finally peed in their pants by announcing the Nokia X, Nokia X+, and Nokia XL.

Hands-on: Nokia X and XL [VIDEO]

The Nokia X, X+ and XL are very affordable devices, but are they worth their price? We have gone hands-on, so click through to find out!

Nokia X, Nokia X+ and Nokia XL launch as a trio of Android siblings

We’d been so enamored with all of the Nokia X rumors leading up to Mobile World Congress 2014 that we didn’t consider Nokia could have more than one Android device in the works. The company actually has three, as they have officially announced the Nokia X, Nokia X+ and Nokia XL.

Nokia X teasers ramp up ahead of Mobile World Congress

Mobile World Congress is approaching faster than a bullet from a desert eagle, and Nokia is continuing to tease us a about an announcement they’ll be making at the big show in Barcelona. We’re almost certain it’s going to be the “Nokia Normandy” phone we’ve been hearing about so much

Nokia X to cost $100 off-contract?

We were a bit taken aback by the Nokia Normandy / Nokia X’s supposed list of specs when they first leaked. We’d always heard Nokia was aiming for developing markets with this thing, but we didn’t know quite how low they would look to go. According to new rumors, though, it sounds like they’re looking to go lower than even the limbo bar can reach: $100 off-contract.

Report: Nokia X will debut at Mobile World Congress running Android with a Windows Phone twist

Whispered about for months now and showcased in a series of leaks, it appears the legend of the Nokia Normandy could be finally made official later this month. According to The Wall Street Journal, Nokia is planning on unveiling their first this awkward Android device — dubbed the Nokia X — during Mobile World Congress […]

Nokia Normandy could launch as Nokia X; underwhelming specs leaked

Another week, another Nokia Normandy rumor. Well, Nokia X rumor, because that’s what folks are starting to call this mystery Android phone that Nokia has apparently been working on for quite some time. Twitter account @evleaks had that much to share, but was also keen on letting us know what would be the silicon behind […]