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    Last Updated: Feb 3rd,2014

    The Nokia Normandy is rumored to be a low-cost Android phone for developing markets.

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    Nokia X teasers ramp up ahead of Mobile World Congress

    Mobile World Congress is approaching faster than a bullet from a desert eagle, and Nokia is continuing to tease us a about an announcement they’ll be making at the big show in Barcelona. We’re almost certain it’s going to be the “Nokia Normandy” phone we’ve been hearing about so much

    nokia normandy
    Nokia X to cost $100 off-contract?

    We were a bit taken aback by the Nokia Normandy / Nokia X’s supposed list of specs when they first leaked. We’d always heard Nokia was aiming for developing markets with this thing, but we didn’t know quite how low they would look to go. According to new rumors, though, it sounds like they’re looking to go lower than even the limbo bar can reach: $100 off-contract.

    Nokia X Normandy
    Report: Nokia X will debut at Mobile World Congress running Android with a Windows Phone twist

    Whispered about for months now and showcased in a series of leaks, it appears the legend of the Nokia Normandy could be finally made official later this month. According to The Wall Street Journal, Nokia is planning on unveiling their first this awkward Android device — dubbed the Nokia X — during Mobile World Congress […]

    nokia normandy android interface
    Nokia Normandy could launch as Nokia X; underwhelming specs leaked

    Another week, another Nokia Normandy rumor. Well, Nokia X rumor, because that’s what folks are starting to call this mystery Android phone that Nokia has apparently been working on for quite some time. Twitter account @evleaks had that much to share, but was also keen on letting us know what would be the silicon behind […]

    Nokia Normandy user interface leaks again; doesn’t know if it wants to be Windows or Android

    We’ve seen just about all we could of Nokia Normandy at this point, but the leaks aren’t over. Another purported shot of the Android device’s user interface has leaked, giving us a closer look at what users might be treated to if this phone ever sees the light of day.

    nokia normandy prototype
    Nokia Normandy prototype surfaces

    Nokia’s Android phone — codenamed the Nokia Normandy — gets more real each and every time we hear about it. While we haven’t seen much outside of leaked renders up to this point, it looks like we may have gotten our first real look at this thing in the flesh.

    nokia normandy android interface
    This is what the Nokia Normandy’s Android-based user interface looks like

    Wondering how the Nokia Normandy’s Android-based software would look if the Finnish company actually decides to launch it? This low-cost Android phone was leaked a while ago, and now we’re getting a look at the Android-based software that it might be running if it ever launches.

    nokia normandy
    Nokia Normandy not dead after all?

    When we first heard of the Nokia Normandy, a low-cost Android phone by a company who swore never to make an Android phone., we thought it was dead on arrival. Why, you ask? Because it ran Android. And because Nokia is now owned by Microsoft.   We imagined it’d be a cold day in hell […]

    nokia normandy
    Nokia Normandy was going to be available in tons of colors

    Although Nokia is rumored to be scrapping plans to be bringing an Android phone, we’re still seeing leaks about the Nokia Normandy. If you don’t remember, this was to be a mid-range Android phone, but due to Microsoft’s purchase of the Finnish company we may never see it launch. We still have no clue what […]

    nokia normandy
    Nokia Normandy revealed to be a low-cost Android phone

    The Nokia/Android relationship hasn’t quite solidified over the years. It was long thought that the Finnish company would look to replace their aging Symbian-driven feature phone business with low-cost Androids, but the company never did that. Their failed attempt at leveraging the Linux-based Meego platform also prompted folks to guess that they’d soon be calling […]