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Top 10 Android Stories of 2014

As the calendar gets closer to 2015 it’s time to look back and recap the past year. 2014 will go down as one of the most important years in the history of Android. Here are the top 10 Android stories from 2014.

Nexus 5 and 6 factory images and OTA update zips available for download

Heads up: factory images and OTA update zips are now available to download for the both the Nexus 5 and Nexus 6.

T-Mobile also says Android 5.0.1 is headed to Nexus 5 and Nexus 6 today

After Sprint, now T-Mobile says Android 5.0.1 is coming to the Nexus 5 and Nexus 6 later today. Anyone get the update yet?

5 factors that future Nexus 6 owners should consider before upgrading

The Nexus 6 is a big phone, both in size and importance, but it’s not without faults. In fact the biggest feature of the Nexus 6 is it’s biggest point of contention. Is the Nexus 6 really worth an upgrade?

Android 5.0.1 now rolling out to Nexus 4, 6, 7, and Moto G GPe [OTA DOWNLOAD]

And just like clockwork, the Nexus 4, Nexus 6, and even the Nexus 7 (2013) WiFi have begun receiving their Android 5.0.1 updates over-the-air. Earlier today we saw the updates hit Google’s factory images page, and suspected a rollout was imminent. For anyone itching to get their hands on the update but aren’t willing to […]

Android 5.0.1 factory images now available for Nexus 6 and Nexus 4

Android 5.0.1 factory images have just been posted for both the Nexus 6 and Nexus 4. Jump on it.

Unlock your Chromebook with Android 5.0 Lollipop’s Smart Lock

Smart Lock allow Google’s two computing platforms to work together, forming a trust relationship, and use that relationship to sign into your Chromebook without the need to enter a password every single time. As long as your smartphone is nearby, running Android 5.0 Lollipop, and unlocked, you can sign into your Chromebook with just the click of a button.

Nexus 6 now available from US Cellular in both blue and white, 32GB or 64GB

The Nexus 6 is now officially available from US Cellular. Get it in either 32 or 64GB storage configurations, and blue or white (the only carrier so far to offer a white version).

This is what photos look like with Android Lollipop’s new camera API

One thing that always seems to plague even the best Android devices is camera performance. The best they can ever seem to do is to be put on the same level as the iPhone. Google is trying to fix that with some new API’s in Android 5.0 Lollipop.

13 Nexus 6 Tips & Tricks

The Nexus 6 (our review) may have been announced a while ago, but that doesn’t mean it’s any easier to buy now. If you’re still waiting, or you finally got one, we have some must-know tips and tricks to help you get the most out of this giant Nexus.

Google now says updates for Nexus devices can be delayed based on your carrier

Seems the Nexus 6 changed everything. In an update to Google’s support page, they now say Nexus (and Google Play edition) software updates can be delayed by carriers.

Google’s free replacement policy for broken Nexus 5 units seems to extend to the Nexus 6

Broke your Nexus 6 and didn’t get any extended warranty? Google might still be able to help you out. One lucky (well, unlucky depending on how you look at it) soul on Reddit was able to get his shattered Nexus 6 replaced by Google with a freshly minted twin.

T-Mobile knocks $50 off a Nexus 6 for Cyber Monday

If you missed out on picking up a Nexus 6 from the Play Store earlier today, you can grab one from T-Mobile for $50 off (32GB or 64GB versions).

Nexus 6 back in stock on Google Play [UPDATE]

If you’ve been itching for the chance to pick up an unlocked (read: full priced) Nexus 6 from the Google Play Store, more stock has finally arrived. Well, for the Midnight blue 32GB version anyway. Purchase link provided below. UPDATE: Annnnnnnnnd… it’s gone. That was quick. [Nexus 6 on Google Play]

This $1 app brings back double-tap-to-wake functionality on the Nexus 6

Want to try out Google’s experimental double-tap-to-wake feature on the Nexus 6 but don’t want to get down and dirty with system files? This $1 app might be up your early.