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Fuhu’s Nabi XD and Nabi Jr kids’ tablets show up at

Our friends at Fuhu, a company that is specializing in tablets for the youngsters of the world, told us to expect its latest Nabi tablets to release around this time, and it seems the company is about to make nice on its promise. The two latest devices — the Nabi Jr and the bigger Nabi […]

Fuhu’s Nabi XD to bring a 10 inch “tweener” tablet for the holidays

Fuhu, the same company who brought us the Nabi Jr. tablet late last month, has announced forthcoming availability of the Nabi XD. No, the tablet does not exist for the sole purpose of making you laugh uncontrollably (though a few funny games might do just that). The nabi XD is Fuhu’s tablet for “tweeners,” those […]