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Motorola XOOM 2 Reviews

"The Xoom 2 improves on the original in design and features, but with sluggish performance, it still feels like last year's tablet rather than part of the next wave."
"Motorola's Xoom 2 arrives at a point where Apple's iPad (first- or second-generation...) still dominates the tablet market."
"Motorola Xoom 2 Review: It's the updated version of the brand's original Android tablet, but does the inclusion of Honeycomb offer much improvement?"
"Motorola’s second stab at an all-singing all-dancing Android tablet certainly has a unique shape. But that’s not nearly enough to make it a genuinely compelling tablet purchase."
"Motorola has chosen an odd time to release it's latest Android tablet — the Motorola Xoom 2 — given a certain "fruit" company is about to unveil a third generation of its market leading device."