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Motorola DROID Xyboard, XOOM 2 WiFi, and XOOM Family Edition in Europe get Ice Cream Sandwich

A decent amount of Motorola tablets will be seeing Ice Cream Sandwich starting today. For starters, the DROID Xyboard 8.2 and 10.1 on Verizon here in the United States will be getting the upgrade over-the-air. It adds the usual toppings you expect to see out of Ice Cream Sandwich, but we’re sure users would be […]

Motorola provides update on Ice Cream Sandwich upgrades

Motorola has updated their Android Software Upgrade timeline with some new information regarding Android 4.0 for several devices. Ice Cream Sandwich will begin rolling out to the the Motorola XOOM Family Edition and a selection of international handsets including the Motorola RAZR in Q2. In Q3, the Motorola Atrix 4G, Atrix 2, and Photon 4G […]

Rumor: Motorola XOOM 2 Pricing Revealed, Galaxy Nexus Was Headed Our Way 11/28

A couple of interesting tidbits have come out of the Droid-Life camp. Firstly, we may have our first glimpse at pricing for the Motorola XOOM 2 in a MAP list leaked to them. These are said to be on-contract pricing and they breakdown as follows: 8″ 16GB- $430 8″ 32GB – $530 10″ 16GB – […]

Verizon Roadmap Shows Nov. 21 for Galaxy Nexus, Nov. 30 for XOOM 2

You didn’t think the state of the release of the Samsung Galaxy Nexus on Verizon would get any less confusing, did you? After new leaks once again pinned the phone to November 17th (after most had resigned themselves to believing the phone wouldn’t launch until after Black Friday), a roadmap has surfaced definitively stating the that […]

SwiftKey Will Come Pre-Loaded on the XOOM 2

Though it will ship with a vanilla build of Android Honeycomb, the Motorola XOOM 2 won’t be devoid of added software. Following a model set forth by Swype, SwiftKey will come pre-installed as a software keyboard option. Unlike Swype, SwiftKey is available for all to purchase in the Android Market, but the inclusion as a […]

Motorola Announces XOOM 2 and XOOM 2 Media Edition

Via a press release, Motorola has announced the latest editions to their tablet lineup with the Motorola XOOM2 and Motorola XOOM 2 Media Edition. The announcement covers the WiFi versions of the tablets, which will find their way to the UK and Ireland this holiday season. The spec list for both devices includes a 1.2GHz […]

Rumor: Motorola Unveiling XOOM 2 in London Tomorrow

Take this one with the smallest grain of salt you can find. According to a site named OneMobileRing, Motorola has issued invites to press for an event at their UK offices tomorrow, November 3rd, to unveil a new product. A new phone? Perhaps. We already know the UK is getting the RAZR so that’s a […]

XOOM 2 Pictured in Carphone Warehouse Ad for €400, Says It’s Everything a Tablet Should Be

While we’ve long heard of one Motorola XOOM 2 heading out of Motorola’s factories sometime soon, it’s been somewhat of a mystery. It still is. But according to an image received by Engadget, some parts of the globe should start seeing its release sometime before Christmas. A leaked Carphone Warehouse dates it within that window […]

Motorola XOOM 2 Appears in Verizon’s Computer System

Verizon and Motorola have yet to make any official statements about a so-called Motorola XOOM 2, but it sure looks like we could be hearing about the new tablet soon. Actually, we should be hearing about two new XOOM models. Both a Motorola MZ609 and Motorola MZ617 have made an appearance in VZW’s computer system, […]

AT&T/Canada Motorola RAZR Spotted at the FCC; Motorola XOOM 2, As Well?

Today’s a good day for you FCC lovers. It seems that the Motorola RAZR has passed the FCC. Inside are radios for AT&T, though it’s imperative to note that most Canadian carriers share the same radios as them. The device is set to release on Verizon sometime soon and we could see it heading to […]

Motorola Spyder (Droid RAZR) and XOOM 2 Captured in the Wild

Two of the devices Motorola is expected to unveil for Verizon at an October 18th press event have posed for the camera ahead of their official debut. The Motorola Spyder (which should launch as the Droid RAZR, though there is still a chance the Droid HD name will stick) and the Motorola XOOM 2 are […]

Second Coming of the Motorola XOOM Slated for November?

Images of several new Motorola tablets have surfaced over the past week or so, and while specific details are scant we could be seeing at least one model launching in time for the holiday season. A report from digitimes suggests Motorola is developing both a 7-inch and 10-inch model, while a leaked image gallery suggests we […]

A Pair of Motorola Xoom 2’s Pose For The Camera – Super Slim 8.9-inch and 10.1-inch

On Friday, we showed you some leaked pics of what we believed to be Motorola’s upcoming Xoom 2 tablet. In one of the pics I noticed the tab was surprisngly small when compared to the hand holding the device and we now know why. Apparently Motorola has been hard at work on a pair of […]

Leaked Pics Reveal the Upcoming Motorola Xoom 2?

Here it is, folks! The first leaked pics of the upcoming Motorola XOOM 2 (MZ617). As you can see the device looks very similar to the original Moto Xoom ‘cept this time with more angled corners (ala Photon 4G). You can expect things to remain largely the same with standard rear and front facing cameras, […]

What’s Going on with Motorola’s Next Tablet?

It’s no secret that Motorola is already working on their followup to the Motorola XOOM. Some have been referring to it as the XOOM 2, others insist it will be the XOOM 4G, but no matter what you want to call it no one quite knows any solid details on the device that hopes to […]