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Motorola CEO confirms X Phone as “Moto X” – launching this summer across multiple carriers and priced aggressively

Motorola CEO Dennis Woodside not only confirms the Moto X phone, but expected release date, pricing, and available networks at the AllThingsD D11 conference.

Mysterious Sprint Motorola XT1056 passes through the FCC, possible X Phone variant

The Motorola XT1056 has just passed through the FCC with compatibility for Sprint’s 4G LTE network. The model number is very similar to the XT1058 — aka the X Phone — which we also saw pass through the FCC not too long ago. Same phone, different carrier?

Motorola XT1058 spotted at FCC with AT&T bands, could be X Phone

The Motorola X Phone isn’t real yet, but a device matching the latest prototype leak has appeared at the FCC. Oh, and guess what? It has radios for connecting to AT&T’s network.

Motorola XT1055 specs show up in benchmarks, could be the X Phone (or not)

The Motorola XT1055 has popped up in an Antutu benchmark and is leading some to believe it could be the purported Moto “X Phone.” We remain skeptical.

Rumor: 32GB Nexus 4 LTE to be revealed at Google I/O; Motorola X Phone and new Nexus not in tow

New rumors suggest we won’t be seeing the Motorola X Phone or a new Nexus at Google I/O 2013, but we could see a refreshed Nexus 4.

Rumor: Motorola X Phone to come in over 20 different colors

Motorola’s next flagship phone, long known as the X phone, has had some ridiculous rumors tied to it. The most ridiculous of them was the possibility of being able to customize the hardware inside your device when ordering them as you would a computer, being able to get the combination of RAM, processor, display resolution […]

Purported render of the Motorola X Phone comes with new spec rumors

As Google I/O inches closer along with the potential unveiling of Motorola’s first smartphone designed under Google’s direction, the floodgates are opening when it comes to the rumored X Phone. Today we get a leaked render purported to be the handset along with a new take on the phone’s specs. The look of the phone […]

Motorola’s Guy Kawasaki talks phone personalization, could hint at X Phone sales model

Motorola advisor (and former Apple evangelist) Guy Kawasaki posed an interesting question recently via Google+: “Wouldn’t it be great if you could personalize your phone like this?” The this of his question referred to a video clip highlighting Porsche Exclusive, the auto makers offering allow for buyers to create a completely custom vehicle, from paint […]

Motorola X to be a flagship brand with customizable hardware [RUMOR]

Recent years have seen the major smartphone manufacturers each develop a consistent brand under which to launch their Android handsets. The latest X Phone rumor says Motorola could be next. In order to compete with the likes of Samsung’s Galaxy line, HTC’s One, and LG’s Optimus, it is being put forth that Moto’s ‘X’ won’t […]

Mystery Motorola prototype hints at new direction under Google [UPDATE: Moto X pictured in the wild]

First, let’s just get this out of the way: this is not the fabled X Phone. What it is, though, could be a sign of things to come for Motorola under Google’s direction. This apparently midrange prototype handset (that may or may not be barreling towards a release at some undisclosed point in the future) […]

Is this our first tangible look at the Motorola X Phone? [Update: Apparently, no]

As Google I/O approaches, the next couple of months will be filled with speculation about what we can expect from the Android team this year, but most of the talk will be centered on Motorola. After completing a deal to acquire the mobile manufacturer last year, Google hasn’t done much but cut jobs and downsize. […]

Motorola X Phone will feature entirely new Google experience

We don’t know much about Motorola’s so-called X Phone. The only confirmation of the phone’s existence comes by way of a job posting seeking a product manager to work directly with the team designing the device, but few details have surfaced. Today, however, a report has surfaced over at SmartHouse giving us just enough new info […]

More Motorola X Phone rumors surface – amazing battery, great camera and more

Rumors of the Motorola X Phone are heating up and we have some new possible details for you today. Some of these seem a bit iffy, some sound exciting and some are just unbelievable. It seems no matter how we look at this phone, we have no idea what Google and Motorola are trying to […]

Motorola posts X Phone product manager job listing

The Motorola X Phone is rumored to be the first Android device jointly developed by Google and Motorola in the post-acquisition era, but its existence has been mostly speculation…until now. A job listing posted to LinkedIn by Motorola Mobility is looking for a Senior Director of Product Management to work directly on the X Phone […]

Motorola X Phone said to be headed for all carriers, sold through Google Play Store? [RUMOR]

We haven’t heard much about the Motorola X Phone other than it was supposed to be a high-end beast of a phone with Google’s heavy influence injected. It wasn’t necessarily said to be a Nexus phone, though early details would have anyone believing that’s exactly what it could become. Well, a new set of rumors […]