• Motorola Triumph
    Last Updated: Apr 5th,2012

    The Motorola Triumph for Virgin Mobile sports a 4.1-inch screen on a super thin .4-inch body. With a 5MP camera that shoots HD video, a VGA front-facing camera, and HDMI-out, the Triumph offers a great set of features for Virgin Mobile customers eager to get their Android on.

    The Motorola Triumph is the first Motorola Android Phone available EXCLUSIVELY for Virgin Mobile customers, and ditches Motorola's traditional "MotoBlur" UI in favor of a stock implementation of the OS. As far as prepaid smartphones are concerned, this is about as good as it gets.

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    Motorola Triumph Gets Ice Cream Sandwich Build

    While it is getting a bit superfluous to list every phone receiving an Ice Cream Sandwich ROM in the wake of the Android 4.0 AOSP source code release, we thought we’d mention one development triumph. The Motorola Triumph (pun make sense now?) has received an extremely early build of the latest Android OS courtesy of […]

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    Motorola Triumph 3G Speeds Disappointing You? Try This [Forum Talk]

    Some users over at AndroidForums.com have discovered that by manually updating to a non-consumer PRL and changing a line in the build.prop file of the Motorola Triumph they’re able to get noticeably increased 3G speeds, with one user professing he’d gone from a low of 80kbps up to a low of around 600. The PRL […]

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    Motorola Triumph Happily Receives Android 2.3.5 By Way Of CyanogenMod 7

    Motorola Triumph users have something to get excited over with the porting of CyanogenMod 7 to their devices. That’s right,┬áisaacj87 from our very own Android Forums managed to get CM7 up and running on his Triumph but according to him, little-to-nothing is working. This is largely in part due to the kernel source not being […]

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    CyanogenMod: Coming to Motorola ATRIX 4G,Motorola Triumph and LG Optimus 3D

    CyanogenMod 7 is headed to a trio of new phones sometime soon. The Motorola ATRIX has gotten a pre-beta build of the ROM, something that was possible due to the 2nd-init breakthrough. Some things will work and some won’t – it’s a beta, after all. But if you want a preview of what CyanogenMod 7 […]

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    Motorola Triumph from Virgin Mobile Available Now for $299

    Never mind that Best Buy was selling the thing a bit early, Virgin Mobile’s stock Android handset the Motorola Triumph is now available in stores and online. The phone will set you back $299, a hefty price if we were talking about a two-year contract, but there won’t be any of those with Virgin. For […]

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    Best Buy Selling the Motorola Triumph a Bit Early in Stores

    While this phone’s not set to come out until July 20th, some folks on Reddit have reported being able to waltz into the big yellow ticket store and buy the Motorola Triumph early. It’ll run you $300, but that’s a great price for a device with a 1GHz processor and stock Android. See if you […]

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    Best Buy Pre-Orders Confirm July 19 Release Date for Motorola Triumph

    Last week Best Buy began a pre-order for the Motorola Triumph, and along with it comes confirmation of the July 19th release date first let loose in the pages of People magazine. The Triumph is a pretty impressive smartphone featuring a stock build of Android at a cool $300 price tag. Expensive if you think […]

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    Preorder the Motorola Triumph from Best Buy Today

    Can’t wait to get your hands on some stock Android fun made by Motorola? Best Buy has Virgin’s Motorola Triumph available for peorder. As we already knew, this thing will only run you $300, but takes away MOTOBLUR and has some very good specs for the price. It’ll have a 4 inch display, a 1GHz […]

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    Motorola Triumph Debuting on Virgin July 19th?

    Motorola and Virgin have kept a bit quiet on when we’d see their latest phone, the Triumph. It’s a decent looking phone that, wait for it, doesn’t have BLUR. Or whatever the hell it is Motorola’s calling it these days. We just might have a date, though, as some modest soul has uploaded a photo […]

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    Motorola Triumph for Virgin Mobile First Impressions [VIDEO]

    The Motorola Triumph for Virgin Mobile was a pleasant surprise at today’s joint Motorola/Sprint event. The phone gives off some serious Droid X vibes with its blocky look, 4.1-inch screen, and 1GHz Snapdragon processor. But perhaps the most interesting choice here was using stock Android 2.2 (Froyo) rather than a MotoBlur-ified user interface. As a […]