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Motorola Milestone Overview

The Motorola Milestone is the equivilent to the US's Motorola Droid with some minor software changes. As the Droid has, the Motorola features some great specs including a solid feel chassy, 5 MP camera with auto-focus and geo-tagging, a responsive large 3.7" inch touch sensitive screen and full QWERTY keyboard.


The Motorola Milestone originally comes with Android 2.0 -  in fact it's American brother from the same mother was the first handset to come with Android 2.0 and Google's innovative app ; Google Navigator which isn't available anywhere other than the US yet. However, in April of 2010 all Milestone handsets started to recieve the Android 2.1 update bringing other goodies such as Live wallpapers!

Ofcourse this beauty also features Wifi , bluetooth , GPS and a 3.5 mm audio jack to complete the package. The Moto Milestone is available from a number of carriers including Telus and O2 Gerany , but also available internationally sim-free and unlocked from retailers such as &!